Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday (2/25/11) - Last Day at Sea

Well, the trip is almost over.  This is our last day at sea as we head for Montevideo, Uruguay.  One painful thing is we had to put our watches forward an hour for tomorrow (and will then move them back an hour when we arrive in Buenos Aires on Sunday).  There was one lecture, by the guy from the Smithsonian.  He talked about stars and such, kind of a view of the night sky from the perspectives of someone who lives in the northern hemisphere who is visiting the southern hemisphere.  Importantly, he said that everyone should go out on deck 12 and find the Southern Cross, which points to the celestial south pole.
BTW – we had very calm seas today and temps in the upper 60’s.  It was quite a beautiful day.
We played our first (and last) game of bingo, going after the big accumulation of snowball jackpot.  Unfortunately we didn’t win.  Also, it was a fairly small pot, only worth $1000.  Also, we did team trivia and did ok, but didn’t win again.  Tonight is formal night and is the final production show.
The production show was about “international travels” and essentially showed things from around the world.  Bob especially liked the Irish dancing.  Overall, he felt that it was the worst of the three productions, but Julie liked it a lot.

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