Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday - Buenos Aires

It was a 9.5 hour overnight flight to Buenos Aires from Atlanta.  It was kind of a rough night because the seats don’t naturally recline very far, so we had to try and sleep sitting up.  Customs and Immigration was fine except we had to pay $140 each for the visa.  It is good for 10 years, but still it is pretty pricy for a single visit.  We turned some cash into Argentine Pesos at a rate of about 4 pesos per dollar.  Julie had arranged for a pickup at the airport and we went to the Hotel Panamericano in the “Centro” area.  Buenos Aries the city has about 3Million people, while BA the province has over 14M people.  There are lots of 10 to 15 story apartment/condo buildings to house all those people.  Zillions of black cabs with yellow roofs and lots of buses.
This afternoon we went out to the Tigre Delta area.  BA is on the River Plata (pronounced Pla Tuh and means silver).  It is very brown and full of sediment.  It is near the mouth of the ocean, but is has fresh water so it is a river and is over 225 kilometers wide making it the world’s widest river.  There are 3000 residents living on the islands in the Delta area.  They are serviced by boats – grocery boats, bank boats, ambulance boats, etc.

For dinner, we ate at a pizza joint just around the corner from our hotel.  There are zillions of pizza restaurants, which comes from the Italian influence.  The biggest problem that we had was we had no clue what the various toppings were.  Our waiter spoke next to no English and so we waded through it.  Ultimately we had a pizza with mozzarella, ham, pimentos, and onions. It was quite good.  A large pizza to share, plus a bottle of cabernet, and the tip was only $100 pesos ($25). 

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