Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wednesday (2/23/11) - Lazy day at sea

We sailed our second day from Cape Horn toward Puerto Madryn.  The day was filled with lectures.  We heard about Andes and Chile and its amazing set of volcanos.  We then heard a talk on ships navigation.  That talk was only ok, but ended great when someone asked the speaker (who is part of the bridge crew) what the decision process was with deciding that we needed to bail on Antarctica.  He said that they happened to have a Chilean Pilot on board who contacted Chile’s station in Paradise Bay where we were headed.  They told them that conditions were just awful down there.  Absolutely zero visibility.  So, even if we got there, there would be nothing to see.  Plus the worse part was the huge storm approaching from the west that was in the Drake Passage.  It was going to make extremely rough seas for our trip to Ushuaia. They felt the storm could put the guests in danger (because the ship would be rocking and rolling so badly).  Thus, they decided to leave.  Also, he mentioned that the Prince Albert II expedition ship that we saw in Ushuaia had also abandoned its trip to Paradise Bay because of the storm.  I think that this explanation made us all feel a lot better.
In the third talk we learned about the migratory patterns of birds.  Some even fly nearly 10,000 miles in about 20 days.  The final talk, by the physicist, was supposed to be a talk about the colonization of South America.  He ended up giving a brief account of world history starting at the end of the 1400’s going through modern time.  It was an ok talk, but kind of random.
The evening show was Cesarios, a guitar player from South America.  He was quite good and put on a nice show.

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