Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, Nov 18, 2011, Final day at sea

Boo hoo, our last day at sea.  This wonderful trip is almost over.  Our first event of the day was the final lecture by General Nick Halley.  He spoke about the military perspective of what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and our strategies.  After giving us an update of what is happening over there and where he sees things going, he took questions.  The most interesting question focused on his views of what is happening in Iran and their nuclear program.  He said that the US and allies have three options.  Two won’t work and one is unacceptable.  The first is to do economic sanctions.  These don’t work because China and Russia refuse to go along with it.  The second is to do nothing and let the arms race in the Middle East happen.  The problem with this is that Iran has said that once they get a nuclear weapon they will bomb Israel.  Of course Israel won’t let this happen, so really bad things will happen because Israel will do something pre-emptively (and the US will be complicit).  The last is to go in there and do something militarily to take out the nuclear program.  This won’t work because they have built their facilities in the middle of suburbs, underground with 10’s or 100’s of thousands of civilians living above on the surface.  We have the technology to “bunker bust” their facilities, but the civilian casualties would be enormous.   So, as he put it, he sees this as the most difficult decision that the current or next president is going to have to make.

After that, we had a little Internet time (working on yesterday’s blog) and got ready for our final team trivia.  Our team was at full strength, playing against four other teams (the team that had been winning every contest except the last one was down a couple of members).  The first question – do mosquitos have teeth – yes or no was pretty strange. Everyone said no, but their answer was yes.  Looking it up later on the Internet and you can find different answers.  So, who knows.  Anyway, we lost to yet another team, so that was good to spread the prizes around.

The six of us went to lunch in the Lido where they had the American buffet.  The food, as always was terrific.  After that, we went to see the movie “Everything Must Go”.  Julie decided that she had to go to Bingo for the last session, so she left a few minutes before the movie ended.  Bingo was next and we didn’t win the jackpot.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Before dinner was yet another cocktail party, this one the Captain’s Farewell party.  We had our usual 3GS drinks and enjoyed the people watching.  Dinner followed in the dining room at 6:30.  We chatted with two very nice couples on either side of us at dinner and had a lovely time.  Julie had the rock lobster and Bob had the chateaubriand.  After dinner was the show “Curtain Call.”  We both felt that this was easily their best show.  It had the great numbers from many musicals and finished with a medley of songs from Mama Mia.  Funny, in the last number, they asked everyone to get up and dance to the music.  Julie and I stood up and one woman who was way over on the side.  That was it.  An entire packed audience and we were the only ones.  

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