Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, Nov 19, 2011, San Diego

Forgot to mention the weather on sea day.  It was in the mid 60’s and a bit chilly.  Amazing, how leaving the perfect weather of Mexico and going north, it got cold.  San Diego had a high of around 62.

We gained another hour last night, although being in the Mountain Time zone at home, we are trying to ignore it.  We managed to get up before 6 today and went up to the gym and did a very vigorous weight lifting/core exercise program for about 50 minutes.  After that we went to an early breakfast so Julie could get to the Spa for her full facial.  Julie returned refreshed and glowing.  BTW, it turns out that this might have been a really, really expensive “free” facial.  We used our onboard credits to pay for it, so that wasn’t the cost.  It was that Julie enjoyed it so much and the results were so striking that she is thinking that she maybe needs to get a facial on a regular basis.  OH MY!!!!

The ship docked in San Diego at around 9am, about an hour earlier than planned.  

The first order of business is that we all had to go through immigration on the ship.  This was done without much hassle.  Our plan for the day was to just hang out on the ship.  It turns out that today is the day for America’s Cup races and our ship is docked right in the middle of the course (apparently a pier next to us is charging $300 a seat to watch the races).  It is also college football day, so we planned to do a little television viewing as well.

We spent the morning packing and then went to lunch.  Next, up to deck 12 to watch the races.  They race catamarans with sails that almost look like an airplane wing.  They really go fast when the wind is working with them.  We watched for nearly an hour and could not figure out at all if there was even a race going on. There are zillions of race boats, regular boats, boats with flags, helicopters, a blimp, etc.  

I'm not sure whether this guy won or not?

Anyway, it was so confusing that eventually we gave up and went up and watched the afternoon movie.  The movie called: “Temple Grandin” was a true story about an autistic girl (Temple) who learns to overcome her difficulties and makes a huge impact on the cattle business (of all things).  It was absolutely excellent, both in how it was produced and the story.  We strongly recommend it.

While the movie was going on, Bob was checking out the Utah game, which was played against Washington State at WSU (in a massive snow storm).  Eventually Utah won in overtime (go Utes!!).
Being the last day, they had one farewell show at 5:15.  This had the Kent Dancers who did a number, Shawna (spelled a different way) Aiken – who plays the violin, piano, and also sings, and concluded with the humor of Dale Gonyea.  It was absolutely packed and also a really nice show.  The Kents did a quickstep, Shawna performed a couple of numbers and then concluded with River Dance and then Dale did his usual funniness. 

After that, it was off for our last dinner of this cruise.   Then we sat in the lounge and listened to the orchestra play some jazz and then checked out the “Chasing Madoff” movie in the theater (another documentary, this time about the nine year struggle that the Madoff whistle blower (he recognized that Bernie was running a Ponzi scheme within 5 minutes of investigating him, but could not get the SEC to listen).

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