Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sunday, Nov 13, 2011, Another day at sea

We got up really early (6am with the time zone).  Julie started some laundry in the guest laundry and then we walked on the promenade deck.  It was an absolutely beautiful morning.  About 70 degrees (by 9 am it was 85 degress) and flat seas.  We had breakfast (our breakfasts are normally an omelet made by Jeffry the omelet guy, and fruit).  On our way back to the cabin, we decided to walk through the central Lido deck.  It was so nice that we sat down in the big round chairs at the end of the deck (see the feet picture) and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.  It was so nice that we missed the Science and Technology talk at 10:30 on Kings and Catapults.

Today is the Grand Gala Buffet at lunch time.  The chefs go all out and create an absolutely amazing buffet that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also tastes amazing.

Before the Buffet, we had another round of trivia.  Donna and Arlene were missing as they were off having lunch with the four sisters.  The four of us soldiered on, in what was an even more difficult set of trivia questions.  What happened?  The usual.  We got second place, one point behind the team that has won every other contest (and they were at full strength).  Oh well.

The four of us losers (ha ha) went to the buffet after trivia.  With the atrium set up as stations, you wander around and get whatever goodies you want and then go into the dining room.  It worked out great.
We then got to the afternoon talk, which was a story about the Aztecs and what happened to them.  It was quite fascinating how they conquered the Mayans and ruled them through fear and intimidation. Then the Spanish arrived and after several odd events (the Aztecs believed that the Spanish were their gods returning as foretold in their legends and didn’t initially resist) the Spanish ended up totally wiping out the Aztecs (with the help of the freed Mayans).  They built their capital city right on top of the Aztec capital which today is Mexico City.

At 3:15 was the Bears/Lions game, we watched the first half of in the Luxe bar.  Tonight is Neptune night and it is an informal dinner (suit jacket, ties optional).  We met Greg and Elaine for drinks (one of our STEX couples) and chatted about their cruise and how much we all were enjoying ourselves.

For our cruise critic friends:  Greg and Elaine have Open Dining and could not get a reservation that night until 8 or so.  We had heard this same problem from Donna and Arlene.  Greg and Elaine decided to have their dinner in their stateroom.  Donna and Arlene showed up at around 6:15 and talked with the Maître d’ who was able to seat them in the regular part of the dining room at a window where the couple had decided to go to Prego.  Crystal seems still to be fine tuning the Open Dining.  We have Open Dining, but made all of our dinner reservations online before embarkation.  It is working fine for us, but not as well for those who did not pre-book reservations.  Also, just for informational purposes, it is primarily tables for two.

Anyway, the Neptune dinner was great (as always).  Bob had surf and turf in the form of a jumbo shrimp and filet mignon, while Julie had pasta with lobster.  After dinner we went to a show, which was both the comedian and the West End singer.  The comedian was great.  After the show, we went to the Hollywood theater and watched the New England Patriots/New York Jets game.  The Jets played poorly and the Pats beat them handedly.  Bob’s cousin had another great game for New England.

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