Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, Nov 17, 2011 Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is a tender port, so we anchored in the harbor at about 8am.  The tour that we chose for this day was “Sea Kayaking Eco Adventure” which was to run from 9:30 until 12:00.  We arrived in the Starlight lounge before our 9am boarding of a tender.  At the docs, we were met by the tour reps, who had us sign a waiver and then proceed to a set of vans that would take us the short 2 minute ride to the beach where the kayaks were located.  These were all two person kayaks (Julie was very happy about this because she was worried that she couldn’t do it alone, but she fortunately she brought along the “motor” Bob and all was well).  We donned life jackets and then did some on shore paddling practice. 

We entered the water and paddled down the rock formations along the west side of the bay until we reached Los Arcos – the arch, which is at the very tip of the Baja.  Out there were also a bunch of sea lions lounging on some rocks.  We didn’t take our camera for fear that it would get wet.  It was a great view.

We then backtracked to the beach areas, landed our kayaks and did some snorkeling.  There are a ton of fish out by Pelican rock, where the water goes from about 15 ft deep to 500ft deep.  We had some additional time and wandered down to Lover’s Beach where there is an open beach area from the bay side out to the Pacific.  The waves were really crashing out there.  We returned back to our kayaks, paddled back to the starting beach and returned to the pier for the tender back to the ship.  It was really a terrific excursion. 

One important part of the trip was we decided to not take anything of value with us in the kayaks or to the kayaks.  So, we took some bucks and our cruise ship card and stuffed them into Bob’s swim suit.  Of course, we got everything wet, so had to deal with a number of wet bills.  The solution was obvious as you can see in the following picture:

Back on ship by a bit after noon, we had lunch and relaxed for a bit in the sun and beautiful weather.  Bob went to the afternoon movie and Julie stayed up by the poolside.  Before dinner, the ship had a margarita sail away party.  They really make wonderful margaritas on the ship. They don’t use any mix as they are all natural, just simple syrup, lime and lemon juice, Cointreau and tequila.  We chatted with the two Finish doctors we had met in the Vintage room, then met up with Marion and Philip:  

Julie enjoying the party:

The band played and we partied.  It was really nice.

That night, the Lido was open for casual dining.  We decided to give it a try as we had not had dinner there before and were still suffering a bit from way too much great food and were looking for a simpler meal. Seems that others had done the same – we arrived 5 minutes after the listed opening time of 6:30 pm and the place was packed!  They had dimmed the overhead lights and set up tables with soft lighting.  Their menu was fairly limited, but still had a great selection.  Bob decided to go for a pasta dish, while Julie had salmon.  We both had a banana split for dessert (yum).  We truly enjoyed chatting with the fabulous Lido staff as we dined.

The dinner show was a comedy pianist, Dale Gonyea.  He was really great, as he played the piano (ala Victor Borge), told jokes all about the ship, and controlled a picture slide show of images he had taken on the ship.  It was quite hilarious.  He even made up songs about the various ports we had visited.  Really quite clever.

BTW – we forgot to upload the pictures from the previous day.  Here is a nice one of the Disney Wonder in Puerto Vallarta (it was also with us in Cabo).

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  1. I'm really enjoying your informative & witty writing style. Thanks for letting us tag along. And it's nice to see Philip's face again.