Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011, A day at sea

Today we are sailing to Puerto Vallarta, a distance of 750 nautical miles from Huatulco.  Another day, another exercise opportunity.  Today we did our regular weight lifting/core exercises.  It was really hot in the gym (and it is really hot outside, so they probably correlate).

Next up was breakfast, this time in the Bistro where we had coffee/tea and fruit.  We worked on the previous blogs and then went to the talk by General Halley.  The talk focused on the roots of radical Islam.  He gave a fascinating historical description starting with Muhammad and the foundation of the Muslim religion up through today. 

After that, we went to trivia again, hoping that today might be our breakthrough day.  The questions were much easier today and we got 14 out of 15 correct.  The last question is what part of the body receives the most insect bites.  It turns out that the correct answer is the foot.  There were three teams that got 14/15, so we had to go to the bonus question.  It was, back in 1988, Time Warner bought the copyright to the “Happy Birthday” song.  How much was paid?  One team guessed, $1, another guessed $10M (this is the team that has won every other contest), and we guessed $25M.  It turns out that two of our team members felt that was a good number.  We were the closest as the answer was $28M.  Yahoo, we finally won!!!!! 
We had lunch with the rest of the team up in the Lido at the special Asian buffet.  After that Bob went to the talk on risk taking.

We went to dinner with Greg and Elaine and had an excellent dinner with great company.  It was the Californian theme.  We then went down to see the production show: “I Write the Songs” – a new Crystal production.  It was great.  They mixed musicals and movie scores.  

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