Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 9, Sunday, Mar 18, 2012, Baltra Island

Today is travel day back on the charter to Quito.  We had to be out of our room by 8am and then were scheduled to debark on the final zodiac ride back to the pier at 9:30.  At 9am, they handed out boarding passes.  We boarded the zodiacs for the last time (they truly were a fun part of the trip) and made it back to the shore.  We then got on buses and headed to the airport. 

The airport is “interesting” – limited facilities, but functional.  All outside, but covered and tons of fans.  The charter flight was on schedule and uneventful.  When we got off the plane, we walked out and got on the buses for the ride to the hotel.  The guide (Diego) gave a long talk about exactly what was happening for the rest of the day and next.  It was so detailed that it answered every possible question (from details on the shopping excursion, the dinner that night, to how breakfast and the bus loading for the trip back to the airport next day).  

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