Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tips to Future Galapagos Travelers

We were on itinerary A, so that is tailoring our view of the trip.
  1. The most important thing to us is that this is not like a typical Celebrity cruise.  Just don’t expect that it will be.  The food is not nearly as good (mostly it is edible, but Julie didn’t like an awful lot of it).  The service is first rate.  But the incessant excursions, twice a day for every day is very wearing.  You start at 8am every day and usually return around 6pm after the second excursion.  So, it is VERY tiring.  Pace yourself.
  2. Wear light colored clothing (white, beige, muted colors and no yellows).  In a lot of locations, they told us no bright colors as it attracts wasps.  Heed their warning.
  3. Be casual.  The documents talk about wearing nice clothes to dinner.  It is ok if you want to do that, but wearing shorts and a shirt is just fine.  I think that we got less motivated to dress for dinner as the time wore on.
  4. Think long and hard about doing a back to back.  According to the naturalists, the second week is exactly like the first one, just different islands.  You see all of the same animals, just in slightly different settings.  The only thing that we missed was the waved albatross, which hasn’t migrated to the islands yet.
  5. Take advantage of all of the water opportunities.  We had them early in the cruise and didn’t understand that they end early and you don’t get any more (they ended on Thursday for us).  They really could have more swimming and snorkeling opportunities.
  6. The head naturalist really warned and warned that the long walks were very difficult and the advanced snorkeling was only for advanced snorkelers.  She really over did the warnings.  For example, for advanced snorkeling, she said all kinds of warnings, but as long as you have experience snorkeling when you can’t touch the bottom you will be fine.  We missed out on a number of advanced snorkeling opportunities until Bob did one the last day.  We should have done them all.  The warnings on the long hikes was also similar and Bob went on the most complicated one with “rock climbing” and it was just a couple of lava boulders that you had to climb over.
  7. The zodiac rides are great.  We ultimately preferred the options with longer zodiac rides and shorter walks.  But be careful, the shorter walks are really short and often you are just standing around.
  8. Don’t expect to get much exercise from the walks.  You stop and talk about stuff all of the time.
  9. Bob wore Tevas for the water landings (but eventually switched to doing barefoot landings which worked just great).  Using tennis shoes for the dry landings worked great.  Often when walking with open toed shoes, or even those with open sides, people were stopping and clearing rocks and debris out from their shoes.  Bob thinks that Tevas and Tennis shoes worked just great.
  10. The all-inclusive drinks and tips is very nice.  You just don’t worry about ordering a beer or wine with lunch.  It just works great.
  11. If you have the ability, upload your pictures to a computer or at least save them on multiple cards in case you lose your camera.
  12. The Internet is so freaking slow that it is almost impossible to use.  Also, apparently they turn it off on the final morning, so don’t save your minutes (which we did).
  13. We are both Elite members and when we asked for internet and massage, they only gave us 1 hour of internet and a 30 minute massage. We have heard that we should have gotten three hours and two 30 minute massages.  We asked the people at guest services and that is what they said.  If you are both Elite, make sure that you ask for double.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your blog. Even though we will be on the opposite itinerary (B), I still found it interesting to read about the things you did and your impressions.