Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 3 – May 21 (Monday) – Travel to Southampton and Boarding the Symphony

We got up early and had another excellent breakfast, gathered our luggage and walked back to the Victoria Coach Station for a 9:30am bus.  We had originally scheduled to take a limo with Petra and Jennifer, mostly because it was only slightly more than taking the train for 4 people.  However, after someone posted about the bus being relatively inexpensive, we checked it out and all 6 of us went on the bus. We saved roughly $150 for the four of us and it was fast and efficient.  We got to Southampton at about 11:30, hopped into a cab (the ride was only 5,50 pounds to the Crystal terminal).  We would definitely use this in the future.

We waited just a few minutes and then boarded the Symphony.  We checked our hand luggage and then went to the dining room for the traditional lunch.  As usual, Julie got the salmon and Bob got the Cobb salad.  We then explored the ship (mostly to show Brenda and Alex where things where things were located).  Julie reconnected with the Lido deck guys including Derek, Allan, and the rest.

We had our lifeboat drill at 5:30.  We were originally scheduled for Open dining at 6:30, but changed to Prego at 6:15.  The food (as always) was incredible.  Bob and Julie had their favorites of mushroom soup and lasagna.  After dinner, we decided to skip the welcome show and instead just hung out.

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