Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 13 - Thursday, Nov 14, 2013 - Half Day at Sea and then Lisbon (but we stayed onboard)

We gained an hour time wise and got up at 7am.  The seas had been very rough during the night and Bob was not feeling great from motion sickness.  We had breakfast and then began the sad job of packing for our journey home on Friday.  At 9:45, we went to the first of two, back-to-back lectures.  Dr. Jay Wolff did the first one on the Lisbon during WWII and all of the spies that were here.  Spain and Portugal were both neutral in the war (although leaned heavily to Germany) and thus it was a haven for spies and refugees from the rest of Europe.  He told a great story about a double agent who was a Spanish national who spied for Germany but was really a double agent for the British.  The talk was highly entertaining.  Then at 10:45 Professor Roman Pryjomko talked about terrorism.  It was a very nice talk mostly about violence and how you detect people who will be violent.  He essentially said that there is a behavioral pathway to violence that always is followed and that they can use that pathway to detect those that are going to do a violent act.
After that talk, the ship docked in Lisbon and we decided not to get off and instead just do some relaxing.  After reading email, we went back and keep working on packing, had some lunch and then finished packing in the afternoon.  
We went to the Stardust for cocktails and then our final dinner in the dining room.  Bob had a goat cheese and beet appetizer that was brilliant.  His veal scaloppini was medium.  Julie had salmon, which she always enjoys.
After that, we went to the farewell variety show in the Galaxy lounge.  The male and female singers each did a song, the violinist was also back, and the night concluded with the comedian.  All in all, a very nice show.

We went to bed very early as we had to get up at 2:45am for our flight home.

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