Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 6 - Thursday, Nov 7, 2013 - Day at Sea (kind of - really docked in Palamos, Spain)

After reading the cruise critic forums and looking at the available tours, we decided that we would take this day to be a “day at sea.”  This cruise has no real days at sea and they are one of our favorite parts of cruising.  So, we decided to have a pretend day at sea.  It isn’t the same though.  When we have a real day at sea, there are a number of activities, including usually two lectures, trivia, bingo, and other fun things to do.  None of those were going on, so a day at sea means we just spend time relaxing (such as doing laundry - ha ha) and catching up on computer work (getting our blog going).
During the day, we did go to a movie (Red 2) which we had already seen, but we watched it again.
For cocktail hour, we decided to move upstairs to the Palm Court (we had been going to the Avenue Saloon) because that is the venue where they have live music from 5 to 6.   We had dinner in Silk Road.  We were blown away at how good the food was this time.   After dinner we went to the brand new production show: “Across the Pond”.  We thought that it was ok, but a little strange.  Most of the music was excellent (from the 60’s), but we hated how they butchered several Rolling Stones songs by trying to merge them together.  

The good news is Julie finally found an after-dinner drink that she likes - a chocolate martini.  Tasty and not as heavy as so many after-dinner drinks.

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