Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 0 - Friday, Nov 1, 2013 - Travel day

Our plane was scheduled to leave SLC for JFK at 11:15am on Friday, Nov 1.  When we checked in, the agent said that they had a problem reading Bob’s passport and had to scan it in twice.  When we were trying to board, they told us we had duplicate passports entered.  Apparently the agent had rescanned Bob’s passport into Julie’s record.  Oh well, it was straightened out on short order, we boarded the plane and left a bit late.  
Interestingly, one of the flight attendants was a neighbor of ours from our Salt Lake neighborhood prior to moving to Park City.  We hadn’t seen her for ages and spent the landings and takeoffs catching up (she had to work during the rest of the time).  We arrived on time in the new JFK terminal (number 4).  What a great terminal.  We found the Sky Club and settled in to wait the hour or so before our JFK to FCO (Rome, Italy) flight.  The club is huge and includes a restaurant area and an outside sky deck.  It was very, very nice.

Our flight left JFK around 8pm.  The normal 8 1/2 hour flight was reduced to about 7 1/2 hours due to a huge tail wind.  That was too bad as it meant an hour less sleep.  Both of us slept some (we had economy comfort seats, which are certainly better than the regular coach seats, but you still have to find some way to sleep sitting up).  

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