Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 3, October 6, 2014, Symphony Crossing – First Full Day of Cruising

Day 3 – We woke up and gained an hour (the first of five) on our way back to Miami.  The seas were a bit rough and Bob wasn’t feeling great (15 to 20 foot swells).  So, he took one bonine tablet and hoped that it would go away.  We went for a walk on deck 7, and lasted about 30 minutes before Bob decided that he had to go in.  So, he took another bonine and waited.  In the meantime, we ordered room service for breakfast and watched the opening lecture by Robert Schrire on China: The World Future Superpower?  Using his criteria, he doesn’t believe that China will be a superpower without undergoing some massive changes.  Such as 95% of the Chinese people live in areas where it is super polluted. 

We are only 3 doors from the aft of the ship on deck 8 and so we went out and sat on the deck loungers.  At 11, they did a tour of the “fitness garden” – which are a number of fitness machines on decks 7, 8, and 12.  For outdoor machines, they are really pretty cool, very simple, mostly using your weight if you have to do some kind of weight lifting exercise.  We decided to try them tomorrow while we are walking (kind of doing a walking/circuit training thing).

Next we went to team trivia and met two women from California and a couple from Charlotte.  Things have changed and they are now using clickers, and multiple choice questions.  So, you must answer in 60 seconds and it shows you the correct answer immediately after everyone votes.  15 questions.  We just missed out on the group that was tied for first place (and would have one the playoff because the question was how many dimples on a golf ball and Bob knows it is 336 since that was a trivia question that the club used over the summer).

We then went to lunch up in the Lido where we both had salads. Bob and Julie really love salads and there are a ton of choices of what to put in it.   After lunch, we went to see Michael Freeland give a talk called “Confessions of a Serial Biographer”.  He talked about his life and how he started as a kid journalist and ended up writing biographies of very famous people such as Fred Astaire and Judy Garland (and dozens more). 

After that, we started working on the blog, catching up on some email, and then went to the talk by Dr. John McMichan, of the Mayo clinic, on Herbal Medications/Supplements.  He talked about how so many of these supplements are not tested in true double-blind tests and we just don’t know if they are effective or not.  Plus, some of them have side effects that when combined with other medications can be dangerous.  The good news is that modern medicine has recognized these and are now teaching it to the students in medical school.

We then went back to the cabin and started to get ready for dinner.  It was the first formal night and Bob and Julie were going to get dressed up and go out on the town (limited since Bob still felt a little crappy). 

We went to the Starlight to listen to some music before heading to dinner, again for our 6:15 dining by reservation time.  Bob and Julie both had the Black Forest Mushroom soup served Cappuccino Style.  It was fantastic.  Nearly as good as the mushroom soup in Prego.  For the appetizer, we both had salads, Bob’s was a Nicoise and Julie had the Captain’s choice.  Both were very nice.  For dinner, Julie had the Maine Lobster with Asparagus Risotto from the Modern menu and Bob had the Filet Mignon (again) also from the Modern menu.  Both were most excellent.  For desert, we had the Mint Triffle which had Mint Mousse topped with Chocolate Ganache and a scoop of Mint ice cream.  It was heavenly.

The soup:

The salad:

The steak:

The lobster:

The dessert:

After dinner, we skipped the captain’s party and wandered around a bit.  Then we went to the production show that was supposed to be a new one for us called Maestro.  They ended up changing it to be Curtain Call (one that we had seen before) because the ship was rocking, and they wanted the dancers to be safe.  The show was excellent, with the vocals of Colleen Williamson and Dennis Dubbin.  Colleen was absolutely amazing as always.  She has as strong of a voice as any we have ever heard.  The show finished with a medley of songs from Mama Mia that got everyone on their feet.  It was a great show.

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