Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 4, October 7, 2014, Symphony Crossing – Second day of cruising

Day 4 – another day at sea.  So far it is wonderful to just relax.  Bob got up feeling a lot better (he took two bonine just in case).  We walked for 45 minutes, taking some breaks to do the outdoor exercise machines.  Overall, it was a very nice exercise morning. 

We got ready and then went to breakfast up in the Lido.  We were a little cramped for time and ate fruit and omelets for breakfast.   We had to make it down for the 10am lecture by Professor Charles Carlton from NC State talking about mistresses of the British Royalty.  It was an excellent and humorous talk.  The fascinating thing was how so many of the mistresses played such an important part in modern history.

After the talk, Bob relaxed a bit and Julie went down to the future cruise person to get our upcoming cruises turned into on board bookings.  She also wandered by the gift shops since we have almost 400 in shipboard credit that we need to spend. 

We then went to team trivia with the same gang.  This time we didn’t do as well, just in the pack some place.  After that we went to lunch (Julie had a salad and Bob had a hamburger no bun).  We then went to a talk by Steve St. Peter called: “The TV Ad: From Concept to ON THE AIR.”  It was a mediocre talk for several reasons.  For one, he used slides that were timed to roll out the talking points.  They took too long to deliver and he was left with dead air time.  He also wrote a ton of information on the slides and didn’t talk to them.  He did show a number of very good commercials but overall, the talk was mediocre at best.  Then again, maybe this is because Bob knows about making films and what he talked about was pretty much the same process.

After the talk, we eventually made it back to the room to work on email and the blog.

We ended up skipping the next talk by Jay Christofferson on Whales (we watched parts of it live streamed on the TV while we kept working on our computer stuff.

With dinner at 6pm, we decided to go to the Crystal Cove for pre-dinner cocktails.  Julie had a pink flower and Bob had a margarita. 

Tonight was resort casual dress and we had reservations at Silk Road at 6pm.  The meal started with a couple of small samples one made of seaweed and the other of pumpkin.  They were great.  We then split a California Roll sushi and a Smoked Salmon Sashimi with some Wasabi and Ginger.  These were also excellent.  The next course was a Lobster Spring Roll for Julie and Shrimp Tempura for Bob. Julie had the Australian Wagyu Beef Rib Eye and Bob had the Mushroom Soup that was served in a small tea Kettle and the broth drunk rather than eating the soup with a spoon.  We had an For entrees, Julie had Nobu-Style Lobster with Truffle-Yuzu Sauce – a stir-fried lobster with Garlic, Asparagus, Shitake Mushroom and Snap Peas finished with Truffle-Yuzu Sauce.  Bob had the Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef Rib Eye from Greg Norman’s Signature Ranch in Queensland.  This was served with three kinds of sauces:  Anticuccho, Teriyake and Nobu-Style Wasabi Pepper. 

The samples:

Sushi and Sashimi:

Lobster Spring Roll:

Mushroom soup - notice that you drink it and then use the chopsticks on the mushrooms, served in a tea pot.

Beef rib eye appetizer:


Beef rib eye dinner:

After dinner, we went to the show, which was by singer Michel Bell and his wife Catherine Matejka who played the piano and led the Galaxy Orchestra.  Michel has an amazing, deep baritone voice, with power that is startling.   Early in his career he was one of the members of the Fifth Dimension (he was known as Mic Bell when he was part of the Fifth Dimension).  It was an absolutely fantastic show.  After the show, we swung by the Starlight Club and listened to more of the Harry James Orchestra and did a little dancing.

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