Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 7, October 10, 2014, Symphony Crossing – Fifth day of cruising

We gained another hour last night, so ended up getting up at 6:30.  We started some laundry and then the Exercise Nazi made us exercise again.  We walked for about an hour and used the machines.
The seas are absolutely calm.  It is amazing to be in the middle of the ocean and it is practically clam as glass.  Also, the ocean is amazingly blue.  Just beautiful.

We got ready and went to breakfast.  We had breakfast out on the deck behind the Lido café outside.  It was so beautiful. 

After breakfast, we went to another lecture by Michael Freeland about “Hollywood at War”.  It was ok, mostly talking about how Hollywood movies and the stars helped the various war efforts.   We then did some computer work and went to team trivia.  Again, we finished in the middle of the pack.

We went to lunch and had salads, then went back to the room and worked on the computer.  After that, we went to the astronomy talk by Professor Michael Smith on the Sun, Earth and Moon.  Before that was over, Julie went to a talk by the retail team on the latest fashions.  After that, we went up to the Mozart tea and had our usual Hot Chocolate Amadeus.  It was excellent.  We had to miss the lecture on the  Monarchy – 62 years, so made it back to the cabin to watch the end and then watched the beginning on the TV stream after dinner.

Then we got ready for dinner (elegant casual) and went to the Galaxy Lounge to hear a concert by the Harry James Orchestra.  It was fabulous.  We’ve always enjoyed Big Band Music.

Fred Radke (the conductor) was first trumpet with Harry James.  Here he is playing while conducting.

Then we went to dinner in Prego.  As always, it was amazing.  Julie had the Warm Lobster in Sage Butter, served over white beans and Bob had the Caesar salad for appetizers.  We both had the mushroom soup (made from five kinds of mushrooms) served in a bread bowl.  Finally, we both had the lasagna for our entrées with a white and red sauce.  For dessert, Julie had Strawberry Sorbet with Prosecco, and Bob had Pomegranate Parfait. 



Mushroom soup:

The Lasagna!!! (ummmmm):

The Parfait:

The sorbet:

Last was we saw the production show, Imagine, a 30 minute show completely in the dark, with the singers and dancers wearing costumes that had bands of lights on them controlled by a computer.  It was quite spectacular.  We both loved it.

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