Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 9, October 12, 2014, Symphony Crossing – Seventh day of cruising

Our seventh day in a row sailing and still no land in sight.  The seas today are much calmer and are expected to remain so until we get to Grand Turk tomorrow.  Julie got up really early at 5:15am, and was out on deck walking by 6:30 after doing some reading.  There was only one other person out there at that time.  Bob started walking at 7:00am.  We both did a solid hour of walking and using the machines.  By 8am it was really hot out.  No rest on Sunday either.

We had a light breakfast out on the back of the Lido deck (there is a Sunday brunch today, so we just did a bit of protein to hold us over).  The seas were beautiful and the skies were clear.
We then went to the lecture by Dr. John McMichan on “Affairs of the Heart”.  He talked about cardiovascular conditions and what to do when you have problems and what to prevent problems.  It was a fine lecture although I don’t think that Julie or I heard many things that we hadn’t heard before except that Resveratrol tablets don’t work, you have to drink wine (or grape juice) and there is no scientific evidence that Fish Oil capsules do any good.

After that, we read for a while and then did Trivia.  Bob listened to the Captain’s noon announcement and learned that we were in 5000 meters deep water.  Our team of Karen, John, Kathy, Arlene and us did a lot better.  Today was the first day that we got into the left hand standings column with 9 correct (well it said 8, but one was mismarked).  We were still third, but at least we were competitive.  There were several about geography which are very relevant for a cruise trip. 

We then went up to the “Sunday Brunch” at the Lido.  We wandered around and looked at the offering and the only thing that seemed brunch like was they had waffles and other breakfast stuff included at the back.  Otherwise, it looked exactly the same.  We had a very light lunch with Karen and John (we had chili dogs which were ok, but nothing to write home about).

After lunch, we ended up splitting up.  Bob went to the 2:30 3 Days to Kill movie, while Julie went to the lecture by Charles Carlton on “Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson.”  Bob thought that the movie was “interesting” as it wasn’t just about some assassin, but it was much more about a father who had been away from his wife and daughter for 5 years attempts to get back into their lives.  The killing stuff was just a plot vehicle to add some interest to the story about the family.  Bob says that he would get it a 2.5/4 stars.  Julie said that the talk was mediocre.  It was really short (with about 20 minutes for questions of which there was only 1) and got over early.  She went back to the room and relaxed and read.

Tonight was formal night, so we got on our fancy clothes and went to the Crystal Cove for pre-dinner cocktails.  

Dinner was at 6:15 again.  For appetizers, Bob had Chicken Liver Parfait with Black Truffles, Pear Confit, and Honey-Red Wine Gelee while Julie had from the Modern menu, Green and White Mousse, Smoked Asparagus-Morel Salad.  Bob thought that the Parfait was extremely intense and very rich and could only eat a few bites, but it was very good.  Julie loved the Mousse.  For the second course, Bob had the French Onion Soup with Gruyere Cheese Crouton and Julie had the Shrimp “Thermidor Style” with Creamy Spinach and Mustard-Lobster Glaze.  We both thought that they were excellent, except Julie felt that her Shrimp dish was one of the best dishes that she has had thus far on the cruise.  For entrée, Bob had the Filet of Beef Wellington with Shallot-Port Wine Gravy, Baby Vegetables and Duchess Potatoes, while Julie had the Broiled Nordic King Crab Legs with Steamed Fresh Vegetables and Saffron Rice Pilaf.  Bob loved the Beef and Julie thought that the Crab tasted good, but it was so difficult to extract the meat from the legs that it was hard to eat.  She said that next time she would not order that dish.  For dessert Bob had a Sundae and Julie had the Flourless Chocolate cake again (just like yesterday).

The Parfait:

The Mousse:

The soup:

The Shrimp:

The Beef:

The Crab Legs:

The Sundae:

The Flourless Cake (look, we didn't eat any before we took the picture):

After dinner, we went to the Maestro show at 8:30.   It was a re”imagined” of the “I Write the Songs Show” that we had seen before.  Essentially it went through a number of more modern songs and shows (such as Little Shop of Horrors), where the singers and dancers did one or more songs from the shows.  Overall, we both thought that it was ok, but not great.  After that we went back to the room and called it a night.

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