Monday, October 13, 2014

Supplement to Day 9, October 12, 2014, Symphony Crossing – The Great Pillow Fight

We just had to document this as it was too funny.  The Crystal Cove was remodeled during the dry dock and it looks great.  We believe that it has all new furniture (as we said before, we confuse the Serenity and what the Symphony looked like the last time we were on her and also it used to be a smoking bar and so we spent almost no time there).  Anyway, it looks great and is very functional with what seems to be more seating.  The interesting part of the furniture is that the chairs are quite comfortable for someone who is 6 feet tall, but for those people who are shorter and have shorter legs, the depth of the seat is too long to comfortably sit in the chairs without a pillow behind the back.  That is fine, as there are pillows.

But there are NOT ENOUGH pillows.

Nearly all women and many men need them to be able to sit in the chairs and be comfortable.  So, one important feature of going to have drinks in there is can you a get a chair with a pillow.  We got there at about 5pm and decided to sit across the lobby near the future sales desks, which has several sets of chairs in great watching the people walk by area.  But, alas no pillow.  So, Julie had Bob wander across the lobby several times to try and snag a pillow.  Nothing was available.

We considered having Bob go up to our room and grab a pillow off our bed.  We were worried that we would forget the pillow when we left for dinner and would end up getting charged for a stolen room pillow.  Ha Ha. So, no luck there.

While we sat there, a wife and husband (both with pillows) were having a drink.  The husband got up and Julie goes, hey, they are maybe leaving.  We watched and the wife stayed.  So, we watched carefully and then the wife got up and went over to the bar and sat down at one of the seats.  Julie told Bob to snag a pillow.  He quickly walked across the lobby and grabbed a pillow.  At almost the same time, another women did the same thing and the two pillows were snatched up instantly.  Julie was now comfortable and we continued to watch the people walk by.

About 20 minutes later, a couple got up to dance to the piano music.  The women left a large white pillow.  A man from a table right by got up and tried to steal her pillow.  She noticed and yelled at him to put it back.  She seemed to know him because she called him by name (at least that is what it sounded like, we don’t think that she called him by a “bad name”).   He sheepishly put the pillow back (note his wife already had a pillow, so he was looking for one for himself).  A few minutes later, the woman on the dance floor, still talking to them, went and grabbed the pillow and gave it to the guy since they were both continuing to dance.  She was so nice.

So, bottom line.  Hopefully Crystal has seen this happen and has an order for a boatload of new pillows scheduled to arrive portside when we get into Miami.  Otherwise, the great pillow fight is going to continue.  Although we must say, it was quite entertaining.

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