Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 0, May 3, 2015, Serenity Crossing - Miami

We got up and had breakfast in the hotel.  It was a light continental affair, but had a nice variety.  Bob slept a ton which is good as he is trying to get over jet lag.  BTW - he is exactly 12 hours out of sync right now from his trip to China.

We decided that we would try to walk over to Miami Beach.  However that is a really long way from the hotel, so we decided to utilize the Free MetroMover train.  The station is about a block from our hotel and we could make it over to the Venetian Causeway with just one train change.  So, we got on The Brickell loop train and headed for the Omni loop train.  Here is a picture of the train:

We got off on the Ardrienne Arsht Center stop (almost at the end of the Omni loop line).  We then headed across the causeway:

There were some great views of Miami from the various bridges:

And eventually we made it to Miami Beach:

One thing that we did was some GeoCaching.  It is not something that we know about, but our daughter wanted us to take some of her Travel Bugs and see if we could find some locations where there were caches.  Fortunately we found one and replaced a bug that was there:

Eventually we made it to the end of many islands and bridges and found the Lincoln Road mall area.  We walked down the mall and found a local vendor selling empanadas.  We tried several different flavors.  Unfortunately they were not nearly as good as the ones we had in Argentina or the ones that Julie makes.  Oh well....  Here is a picture of the mall area:

At the end of Lincoln Road, we walked out to the ocean and checked out the beach.  It was beautiful and VERY crowded (Sunday afternoon).

We then walked by the art deco area of Ocean Avenue.  It wasn't as great as we expected, with only a few buildings that seemed to be true art deco.  We have included them below:

This is a shot on the beach area:

We then decided to walk back across the real causeway.  Even though the map said that we couldn't make it, we knew that there was a sidewalk (we saw it from the other side).  As we walked, we saw some great yachts:

Eventually we ran into a part that did not have a sidewalk.  Oh no.  We had walked across a part of the causeway and were a long way from making it back across.  We decided to bail and call Uber to get us across.  We got a ride in 5 minutes and the driver took us across the bridge to the Museum.  We got out (costing us a $5.88 fare) and walked up the MetroMover station.  We sat up there waiting for the train to arrive.  Eventually there was an announcement that the Omni loop line was out of service.  We went online and discovered that it was not functioning for about an hour and a half.  So, we went back down and walked to the station where we could catch a Brickell loop train.  We walked by the Freedom tower:

and the Port of Miami entrance:

Here is a shot of the Metromover going through a building:

We eventually got on the train and then went to the Tenth street stop and went to the Shops at Mary Brickell Village.  We went to the Publix to buy some supplies and then to Beer and Burgers restaurant for dinner.  We split a burger and fries and it was great!  We then walked back to the hotel. While we were walking we saw some stray chickens (our daughter is raising chickens, so it seemed odd that they were just see them just wandering around).

We made it back to the hotel.  We had walked over 24,000 steps and 12.28 miles!!!  It was pretty exhausting, but really fun.

Tomorrow we board the Serenity.  It is late boarding (at 2pm) because the world cruise is just ending.

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