Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 10, May 13, 2015, Serenity Crossing – Seventh Day at Sea

We lost another hour last night and got up at 8am, which was 7am, which was 6am, … oh I’m not going to go there.  Anyway, it was overcast, rainy, and 60.6 degrees.  Julie decided to bail on walking, but Bob decided to go ahead and give it a go.  The bow of the ship area was extremely windy.  The few people out walking had decided to walk on the starboard side, turn around at the bow and walk back to the stern.  Bob being Bob braved the wind and made it to the port side and just kept walking.  It was very windy up there, but it is a very short distance, so he toughed it out.  The walk on the port side was ok, the wind was at his back.  He ended up walking 2.5 miles and 5600 steps.  He didn’t have time to walk a full hour because we had a talk at 10am. 

At 9:45am we headed down to again hear Glenn Rosenblum.  This time he chatted about “Breaking ‘tradition’: Broadway’s Musical Groundbreakers from Fiddler on the Roof to Hair.”  He chatted about musicals from 1959 to 1977.  As before, he was extremely entertaining.  He spent part of his talk singing and playing the piano while showing great clips of these old musicals.

Next up was a talk at 11am by destination lecturer Ken Rees.  Since he already chatted about the Azores and Lisbon in his previous talk (which we missed live because we were at the “From Here to Eternity” movie, we watched it on TV), this time his topic was “Britain’s Bulldog – The Winston Churchill Story”.  It was a wonderful talk, filled with stories of his life and many of his famous lines from his speeches.

Then at 11:45am we went to the atrium by the Crystal Cove where they had laid on the Grand Gala Buffet.  It looked as amazing as ever.

We then went up to team trivia again.  This time we only scored 9 out of 15.  Sigh.

We then went back down to the Grand Gala Buffet and had lunch in the dining room.  The choices were amazing.  Julie had two lobster tails and Bob had a wide range of foods.

After lunch at 2:30pm, we went to the movie, “The Second Best Marigold Hotel” (2015).  It was quite good.  Touching, interesting, and light.  Julie even thought that it was better than the first one (which was pretty good).

For pre-dinner cocktails, we went to the Palm Court.  We sat up in the front and it was great with just stellar views. Julie took Bob's picture and said - based on the photographer, this was perfect lighting.  She was right.  One of the best pictures of Bob.  Julie's wasn't bad either.

At 6:30pm, we wandered over to Tastes for our second dinner there.  

We chose our dishes and let the waiter determine what order to bring them.  He brought the Alsatian Tarte, the grilled shrimp (Gambas a la Plancha) and the Goat Cheese Dip (all items that we had before) first.

For our second course, we had the Chimichurri steak (again from before since it was so amazing), plus new items- the California Street Tacos (two different tacos, one was carnitas & tomatillo, and the other was roast chicken & mole).  Bob snuck in one Philly Cheese Steak Slider.

Julie had the bananas foster bread pudding again.  Bob decided to skip dessert.

Finally, we went to the Galaxy Lounge for the Sinatra Tribute Artist – Sebastian Anzaldo.  He is from Omaha and has been touring with a Sinatra tribute show.  We listened to a few songs and watched him.  He was very good at the mannerisms and moves of Sinatra, but it was after all Sinatra and that is just too much before our time; Nancy Sinatra maybe, but not her dad.  So we bailed, went to the Bistro and hung out for a bit.  Julie sampled a few of the cheeses and Bob had one of the micro crème brullee. 

We then went to bed, in preparation for losing yet another hour.  Bob ended up with 10.9K steps and 5.2 miles.  Julie had 5.5K and 2.5 miles.

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