Monday, June 19, 2017

Crystal Serenity – LA to Vancouver – Day 10 – Sunday, June 18, 2017 (Vancouver)

We got up at around 7am and decided not to walk on deck today.  Today is our true 40th wedding anniversary and also Father’s Day.  We didn’t have a shore excursion planned, so we were going to walk over to Stanley Park and check it out.  So, we got ready and headed to breakfast in the Lido.  When we walked from the bow to the stern on deck 12, we went outside by the pool.  The weather was extremely overcast and about 54 degrees.  It turns out that it was doing some heavy misting.  While we were eating, it started to all out rain.  We weren’t sure what to do, so we went back to our cabin.  After examining the weather forecast, we decided to keep our plans, except this time armed with umbrellas and rain jackets. 

We disembarked and it was a total madhouse in the terminal.  There are three ships in port, the Celebrity Infinity and Holland America Noordam and us.  They were disembarking.  As “in transit” passengers, we had to exit the ship differently than disembarking passengers that were collecting their luggage and going through customs.  Eventually we made it out of the building and started walking along the sea wall to Stanley Park.

It was about 1.75 miles over there and took us about 35 minutes.  

We aren't sure what this was, but it was on our walk.

A view of the shoreline.

This is now owned by the local rowing club.

Our home in the distance from Stanley Park.

The misting eventually let up.  The park is around 1000 acres and is the most visited site in Vancouver.  We wandered around and eventually found a horse drawn trolley hour-long tour that we decided to take.  We slowly toured around part of the park seeing the various sites.  It was a nice slow way to see the beautiful park and hear about the city of Vancouver.


A Vancouver native visited Copenhagen and fell in love with the Mermaid on the rock.  He asked Copenhagen to let him make a copy, they refused.  So, he made a young woman in a wet suit and flippers in Vancouver.

The bridge that beer built.  Originally the Guiness beer family owned property on the North shore.  They wanted to be connected to downtown Vancouver.  It took them 40 years to get approval, but eventually the city let them do it.  They paid for the whole thing.

Inside view from our trolley.

Doc and Dan (Doc is the closest one).  Just in case in a few years when we are re-reading this blog, we wondered - what were the names of the horses that pulled us on that tour in Stanley Park.

We headed back to the ship and again after wandering around through an absolute maze we were able to embark back onto the ship.  We had lunch in the Trident and then went to our room to pack.  

This is Stanley Park from our balcony.  Just shows what a mediocre day it was.

We got a good way through the packing when the 2:30 movie “Get Out” was about to start.  Julie had seen the movie before and thought that it was a pretty good, creepy movie, so we both watched.  After that, we went back to our room to finish packing and get ready for dinner.

The two other ships left at 5pm:

We headed up to the Palm Court at about 5:30pm for champagne celebration prior to our 6:30pm dinner in Prego.  

We decided that since was our only time going to dinner in Prego that we’d just go for all of our favorites.  

For appetizer, Julie had the Warm Sage Butter Poached Lobster and Bob had a Caesar Salad.  

For the second course, we both had one of our favorites, Prego’s Signature Cream Soup of Select Italian Mushrooms in an Oregano Bread Bowl.  

Again, for the entrée, we had our favorite Lasagna alla Cassalinga.  It was as excellent as we remember.  

For dessert, Julie had the white peach sorbet with prosecco and Bob had a cherry mousse with cherry ice cream.  Julie did not like the peach sorbet at all, she much prefers the strawberry sorbet in Prego on the Symphony.  Bob thought that his dessert was fine, but rich. 

After dinner, we went to the Café 68 production show at 8pm.  It was really an excellent production show, that mixed two songs together to tell a love story.  It reminded us of Mama Mia where some random songs put together to tell a story.  It was very well done.

After that, we headed to the Bistro for some late-night cheese and then back to our cabin to complete our packing and put the luggage out.

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. The first picture, the one that you did not know what it was - This is Canada's version of an over the water bungalow. Much chepaer there than in the South Pacific