Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Crystal Serenity – LA to Vancouver – Day 3 – Sunday, June 11, 2017 (Day 1 in San Francisco)

We slept in and didn’t get up until around 7am.  Sailing overnight to San Francisco and the seas were medium rough, but very, very windy.  When we went down to walk on Deck 7, all of the doors were barred from exit due to the severity of the wind.  We ended up going up to Deck 8 and safely exited to the stern of the ship and then went down the stairs to the promenade.  We were the only people walking on the deck.  It was incredibly windy, but we persisted and got another 30+ minutes of walking in.  Note, this time, the Apple Watch said that we 7.03 miles during the 30+ minutes.  We are incredibly fast, kind of world record pace.  I’m sure it was the wind pushing us along (ok, it was the GPS tracking our location on the ship and not so accurate).  Maybe next time I’ll use an “indoor walk” setting and have it ignore the GPS.

We decided to hit the dining room for breakfast and got in just barely before they closed at 9:30am.  Bob had an omelet again and Julie had eggs over medium.  The only problem with the breakfast was when Julie looked up and noticed that Bob was wearing a tee-shirt with Homer Simpson on it.  She was mortified.  Here we are in an elegant, six-star dining room and Bob is wearing a freaking red Homer Simpson tee-shirt.  She made Bob cover his shirt with his napkin and made sure that she left the dining room before him so she wouldn’t be associated with someone so uncouth.  Just kidding. LOL.

We then went to our room and grabbed the camera.  We were set to sail under the Golden Gate bridge at about 10:45am.  We first went to the Palm Court to see if we could watch the entrance to the bay from there.  It was pretty busy and so Bob decided to head up to deck 13 and see what it was like on the front of the ship.  It turns out that it wasn’t very windy at all and was an absolutely lovely place to watch passing under the Golden Gate, past Alcatraz Island and into San Francisco.  We were cleared for going ashore at about noon.  Here are a whole slew of pictures of us arriving.  It was quite cool!!!

We discussed options for the day and decided to just hang out on the ship for the afternoon and relax.  Tomorrow we have an all-day tour to the wine country and then another tour on Tuesday to Muir woods.  So, it seemed best to just relax and enjoy the beautiful Serenity.

We stopped in the Bistro Cafe for a coffee and a plate of fruits, cheeses, etc.  Yummy.

Julie worked on work stuff on her computer.  Anyway, she worked for a few hours, while Bob worked on the pictures and blog.  It was chilly in the shade (especially with the zillion mph wind that was blowing around the top deck).  Eventually we wandered out to the sunny part and it was nice.  Still windy, but the sun beating down on us was so warm and wonderful.  We loved it.  Bob’s computer got down to 1% and Julie’s wonderful computer did a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death for those that don’t know important computer parlance).

We decided to go to the afternoon movie, called “Gifted.”  It was a quite interesting story with Captain America (ok, he wasn’t in character) raising a 7-year-old that was totally gifted.  Complex story, but a very nice movie.  Although C.A. never put on his spandex nor did he have his shield.  I mean what is up with that?

When we got back from the movie, Bob went to plug in the computer and realized that the power brick was still in Park City.  We then got off the ship and went over to the Apple Store to pick up a spare brick.  The store was absolutely packed, but we managed to secure what we needed.  The traffic was incredible, even though it is a Sunday.  People everywhere, cars everywhere.  The Lyft driver (Victor) was amazing in that we got where we needed to go and never ran over a single person.  (It turns out that when we finished we summoned another Lyft driver and got the same guy).  Anyway, we made it back to ship and got ready for dinner.  We were a bit late for yard arm (for those of you that don’t know about yard arm, it is when the sun goes below the yard arm of a ship – which means it is time to drink – typically 5pm). 

We stopped at the Avenue Saloon for a pre-dinner cocktail and then went to dinner on time.  Olmez was there to greet us (although he mentioned that none of his tables were there last night).  Julie started with lobster medallion with truffle yogurt and apricot chutney.  Bob chose this weird dish with goat cheese rolled in poppy seeds, with dried apples, and lettuce.  Both were AMAZING. 

We then both had a Boston lettuce salad with green goddess dressing and then the entrée was steak Diane with green peppercorn and mushroom sauce.  Oh my, was that maybe one of the best steaks that we have had.  Yeah, probably.  

For dessert, Julie had a mocha cheesecake and Bob had this concoction with mint chocolate ice cream and other goodies.  It was incredible.

After dinner, we went to the short show of a violinist and singer at 8pm.  Both were excellent and were going to continue on the ship for the rest of the cruise, so we have lots of opportunities to see them.  After dinner, we went back to the room to get ready for our long day tomorrow heading up to Napa.  We planned to have breakfast in our room with room service, but of course, we plan to walk as well (today we did around 15K steps, but the miles are totally goofy, given the GPS issues).

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