Saturday, June 24, 2017

Crystal Serenity – LA to Vancouver – Reflections, Tips, and Tricks

Note - apparently we wrote this a while ago and forgot to publish it.  Well, we are getting ready for another trip, so we are publishing this now.

After a wonderful trip and getting back into the grind, we have decided that we want to write down some tips and tricks to help make our next Crystal trip even better.

Our State Room

  • Managing the space in the room to be efficient is always a challenge.  No matter how big the room is, you need to do a good job of finding places for things and keeping things organized.  First tip, when we unpacked this time, we just took items out of the packing cubes and put them into drawers.  This is fast, but it is far better to just bite the bullet and hang stuff up.  It makes it much easier to organize things that way.
  • The wooden hangers in the closet are first rate, but they are also very large.  If a longer cruise, then consider bringing plastic hangers.  Also, maybe consider bringing things that need to hang already on the hangers (not sure that we can pack that way, but it is worth investigating).
  • The closet has a short hanging area and a longer area.  It would be useful to separate Bob and Julie's stuff in each of the two areas.  We just need some kind of divider so it is easy to see where Bob's stuff starts and Julie's stuff ends.
  • We tend to use a power strip with lots of devices plugged into it to recharge all of our electronic stuff.  But it makes the desk extremely messy all of the time with wires everywhere.  One idea is to get those cable management devices that are tubes where you put the wires into one tube. That would clean it up some.
Silk Road
  • The people next to us in Silk Road did something interesting that we need to remember next time.  They didn't seem to ever order an entree, but instead ordered many courses of various sushi and appetizers.  With Silk Road having so much amazing food, this seems like a cool way to have a meal.
  • BTW - this appetizer only idea might work well in Prego too (see Silk Road).
  • A neighbor in the restaurant ordered Lobster as an appetizer in Prego.  How did they do that? How do you special order stuff.  See Dining room comments.
  • We just plain loved Tastes and it is a shame that it is disappearing in the remodel.  We never tried it for breakfast, but the lunches and dinners are just amazing.  Hopefully the new restaurant will have some of the food charm, but it will be very different cuisine, so who knows.
Dining Room
  • We've never been one to ask for anything that wasn't on the menu or ask for a special dinner the following night.  We've heard that people do this all of the time and we just have never done it. We'd like to know how to do it and then do it some times.  For example, on a longer cruise, if you wanted to have Indian food one night, could you make that happen?  It seems that you'd need two things - one to see what the menu is that night to make sure that you want to try something different and two you'd need a way to tell them.  Probably working with the mater'd or whatever you call the section leader. 
  • Along similar lines, one of Julie's favorite fish meals is Dover Sole.  We missed it the night that they had it on the menu because we were in a speciality restaurant.  It probably is possible to get it the next night, but we didn't know how to go about asking.  We need some help with special orders.
  • We love the lectures, sometime to the detriment of doing way way too many of them.  This trip there were very few because of so few sea days.  Also, we didn't even go to all of the very few. We just need to keep up with not pushing too hard.   Plus, if you get some down time, you can always watch their recorded version on the stateroom TV.


  1. Bob-

    Silk Road was our Thanksgiving Dinner last year. We explained to our server why were there (Anniversary) and she asked if she could prepare a menu for us. We agreed, it turned out to be the best meal I have had on any of my 28 cruises. started with Sashimi, then a boat of sushi, followed by 7 different appetizers. Our main course, I inhaled, the Black Cod really is amazing. I was so full I could only eat 3 desserts.

    Where is your next voyage? We booked the Symphony going through the Canal in December of 2019. Very reasonable rates along with close to a two thousand dollar OBC.


  2. We are doing part of the World Cruise - Symphony - Sydney to Tahiti. Leave a week from today!!!