Thursday, February 15, 2018

Crystal Symphony - Sydney to Tahiti - Day 0 - Wed Feb 14, 2018 (Home to Sydney)

We left SLC on Wed, Feb 14th for our flight to LA.  After a long and boring 5 hour layover in LA, we boarded our flight for Sydney.  The flight time from LA to Sydney was 14hrs 55 minutes-our longest nonstop flight ever.  We left LA late. After boarding we sat on the tarmac while they continued to load the 302,000 pounds of fuel needed to make it to Sydney.  We were airborne by about 12:30 am.  First thing on the agenda was dinner. Dinner after midnight is certainly not our normal routine, but our strategy was to stay awake at the beginning of the flight to try to adjust to Sydney time.  We ate, and watched a movie, finally going to sleep around 3 am SLC time (9pm Sydney time).  We purchased first class tickets, which certainly helped with sleeping.  We each had an individual "pod" with a lay flat seat, that actually made sleeping possible.  It wasn't quite like sleeping at home, but they did provide pajamas, slippers, a comforter and two nice pillows.  We woke up around 10:30am SLC time (4:30am Sydney). After breakfast, we arrived in Sydney at 9:30 am on Fri Feb 16th, having crossed the international dateline.  For reference, we are 18 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time (or as Bob does it, subtract 6 hours and add a day).

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  2. It is using feed burner. I didn't know about that option. Cool.

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