Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Day 26 - Mon Mar 12, 2018 At Sea Sailing to the Cook Islands - Crystal Symphony - Sydney to Tahiti

Day 26- At Sea- Mon Mar 12, 2018

Sea days are the best!  We were up early getting our walking and exercise machines on deck out of the way, before the day’s activities started.  Julie did peek in on the Mat Pilates class to see what it was like – she will definitely give it a try at some point.

After a casual breakfast in the Bistro we attended Chef Jon Ashton’s Cooking Demonstration.  He is from Liverpool and is quite funny while teaching.  Today the subject was how to make great bread as well as homemade English Muffins (who knew they are cooked on a pan on the stove and not baked?).  He also made some fabulous scrambled eggs (adding cream at the end of cooking the eggs makes them not healthy, but very creamy and tasty).  We had the opportunity to try the homemade English Muffins at the end of the demo – NOTHING like the Thomas English Muffins from the store we all know so well.

Next up with Dan Raviv (World Affairs Lecturer) presenting “Prosperity-Is it Too Much to Ask For, in a Divisive World?”  The focus was economic trends: markets, trade, and natural resources – to consider whether the outlook for most people is good or bleak (spoiler:  Dan is an optimist).

We played the noon Trivia game – but, won’t talk about our score…..

The last lecture of the day we watched in our room:  Laureli Blyth presenting “Adventures in Paradise,” about the allure of French Polynesia. 

The Mozart Tea was this afternoon, while always spectacular, we chose to not attend and have some down time in our cabin.

Prior to dinner we went to the Cove for a while, and then the Silk Bar.  We enjoyed a nice casual dinner in the Churrascaria.  We have enjoyed dining there for a change.  While we were sitting there we had views of a spectacular sunset off the stern of the ship.

We love the salad bar and the grilled meats for a change of pace from the other dining venues.  We did not partake of any of the sides and only had a small portion of meat and shrimp, but had large salads.  The grilled cinnamon pineapple for dessert is amazing.

“Wonder” was the movie selection tonight, which we chose rather than the production show “Curtain Call.”  “Wonder” stars Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson and tell the inspiring and heartwarming story of a boy with facial differences who enters 5th grade in a mainstream school for the first time.  We both enjoyed it.

After the movie the ship was rockin in the Crystal Cove with the Crystal White Extravaganza.  Great live music including the Crystal Showband and lots of dancing for the passengers!  There was also a dance performance by the Latin Dance Performers.  A good time was had by one and all.

Latin dance performers in the Cove.

Tanya Tingarova

Tanya played the Pirate theme when we walked in. That seemed very appropriate.

Today we walked 6.37 miles, 14,807 steps, and climbed 99 flights of stairs (whew, that’s a lot of going up and down).


  1. What do they call English Muffins in England, Muffins? Brazil Nuts in Brazil, Nuts?

    Have you tried a Caipirinha while in the Churascaria? For some reason, the bartender has to be from Brazil to make a really good one.

  2. He called them English Muffins, but they sure were different. No, we keep forgetting to order that drink. Maybe we will go back one more time (we like that place a lot).