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Day 0 - Thu August 9, 2018 Travel Day - Crystal Symphony - San Francisco to New York

Day 0 - Thu August 9, 2018 Travel Day

Our Panama Canal trip begins with a trip from Salt Lake to San Francisco. We boarded the plane on time, but sat at the gate for nearly an hour with ATC delays (Air Traffic Control). Bob has traveled to San Francisco airport many many times and the ATC delays are common. In the past, fog has been a problem, this year, it could have been that or maybe smoke from all of the wildfires. In any case, we eventually arrived successfully. We picked up our luggage and took a Lyft to the Washington Square Inn in the North Beach area of San Francisco. This area is known as Little Italy as there were dozens and dozens of Italian restaurants. We had decided that we were going to go to the Beach Blanket Babylon show, so chose a hotel within walking distance.

We arrive at the Inn at about 2:15 and the staff was out to lunch. We range the doorbell and were let in. We left our luggage at the desk and then head out to kill some time until our room was ready at about 3pm. We wandered the neighborhood and ended up at Club Fugazi - the home of Beach Blanket Babylon. We picked up our will call tickets and then stopped at a bar for a beer and light snack. We returned to our hotel, checked in and hung out. The hotel offered wine and cheese at 5pm, so we enjoyed a nice pre-dinner glass of wine. We met a couple from Australia (Roger and Kat) who were also going on our cruise. Dinner was at a Chicago style speakeasy called Capo's. We had Chicago style deep dish pizza (an 8 inch was plenty of food). It wasn't as good as what Julie grew up with, but it was pretty darn close. We really enjoyed it. While we ate, they had a trio playing Jazz music right next to us. It was pretty cool.

At about 7:30 we left Capo's and walked the few blocks to Club Fugazi for the 8pm musical revue of Beach Blanket Babylon. The show has been running constantly since 1974 and is claimed to be the longest running show in the world, ever. It is well known for satire on politics and pop culture, big hats, and big hair. We were not disappointed. It was outrageous. The singing was grand, the hats were gigantic, and the 1.5 hour show was nearly a laugh a minute. We loved it.

A picture of the stage. Photos during the show were not allowed.

We walked back to our hotel and called it a night. It was very chilly, with temperatures in the 50's, but a ton of wind (as is usual for San Francisco).

We did 15,270 steps and 6.7 miles.

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