Saturday, August 25, 2018

Day 15 - Fri August 24, 2018 Seventh Day at Sea - Crystal Symphony - San Francisco to New York

Day 15 - Fri August 24, 2018 Seventh Day at Sea

The seas have calmed and we accomplished our one hour Promenade Deck to start our day. We had a lovely breakfast in The Waterside. The atmosphere is relaxing and the food very nice.

It was a typical sea day with three lectures:
  • “Joan Crawford: Always the Star” by Jim Brochu. Jim knew Joan Crawford from the time he was 13 years old and she was a lifelong friend and mentor to him. His stories depicts her as a great star and caring mother. 
  • “Exploring Mar with Humans and Robots” by Dr Jeffrey Hoffman. He discussed humanity’s fascination with the planet Mars, reviewed what we know about and presented future plan for exploration. 
  • “Molasses to Rum to Slaves” by Dr Jay Wolff. Sugar cultivation built great fortunes. The subject was how the Atlantic slave trade brought enslaved African blacks to do the work of growing and shipping the sugar.
Our Trivia Team scored only 7/15. Dismal performance. There were several questions with 4 or 5 parts to the answer. That made it particularly difficult as we maybe had 4/5 parts correct, or 3/4 correct and got no credit for those questions. The winning team was amazing with 12/15.

We had lunch in The Waterside with Phillip. We always enjoy his company and first sailed with him in November 2011 – another Panama Canal Transit.

We spent some time in our cabin relaxing after lunch – a rarity for us. We also went to the Mozart Tea to get a cup of Hot Chocolate Amadeus – wonderful, as always. Hot Chocolate with a bit of rum and a little whipped cream. Although the other offerings were both and beautiful and tasty looking, we decided to pass on them.

We took a few laps around the Promenade Deck and then returned to get ready for dinner.

Avenue Saloon for pre-dinner cocktails. A nice couple from Australia that we had met and chatted with at our pre-cruise hotel in San Francisco were there, and we talked briefly with them. The Avenue didn’t have any live entertainment yet, but there were several groups there and it was lively.
Lavender and Lemon Gin and Tonic
We had dinner in Prego, and, as always it was wonderful. We both had the same meal:

Caesar Salad

Signature Mushroom Cream Soup made with five types of mushrooms

Grilled Black Angus Filet Steak with Barbera Verjus Reduction, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sabayon, Parsnip Puree and Parsnip Crisps. One of the best steaks we’ve ever had!

The Main Entertainment was Jim Brochu performing a one man musical show about his life and a tribute to the life of character men that he wrote and performed Off-Broadway titled “Character Man.” He is an amazing storyteller and the show was certainly different than any show we have seen on Crystal.

Today we walked 16,548 steps and 6.94 miles.

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