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Day 16 - Sat August 25, 2018 Bimini, Bahamas - Crystal Symphony - San Francisco to New York

Day 16 - Sat August 25, 2018 Bimini, Bahamas

Note - I finally figured out why the format of the blogs has been goofy, so hopefully these will be formatted better.

Note - the info station on the TV said that thus far we had traveled so far 4,979 nautical miles, which is 5,730 statute miles.

Today was Crystal’s maiden stop in Bimini in the Bahamas. Bimini is only about 50 miles from Miami. Sport fishing and water sports are the major draws to this island. Hemingway spent about 2 years here and “Old Man and the Sea” was inspired by his days in Bimini.

There were a few shore excursions offered – a snorkeling tour, a one tank scuba dive, a stingray adventure, dolphin swim and a tram tour of the island (the only tram on the island only held 60 passengers). We did not have a shore excursion.

We were anchored off the opposite side of the island from where the tender would dock. It was a 30 minute tender ride each way, and therefore everyone had to sign up for a tender time/ticket to prevent excessive lines. Our time was 10:45 am. We accomplished our hour long walk this morning, got ready to go ashore and went to the Starlite Club where passengers were dispatched to the tenders by time. Tender operations were suspended a couple times as the water was too rough to board passengers onto the tenders.

A very flat island
The tender docked at the Resorts World Casino/Hilton Hotel marina. We received wristbands to indicate that we could use the resort facilities including swimming pools, etc. After a warm greeting from the resort staff we decided to take a walk. There were also golf carts and bicycles to rent at the resort. Our walk was short – it was very hot outside at that time of day. We took the next tender back to the ship.

After lunch in The Marketplace Bob chose to attend the movie: “Avengers Infinity War” starring Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, and Mark Ruffalo. It is a 2 hr 29 minutes and was scheduled to start at 2:15 pm (15 minutes earlier than the usual starting time). The Hollywood Theater (a wonderful venue) was empty. The movie started and some people filtered in. 

Here’s a picture of the Vintage Room. In the Vintage Room there are very special dinner menus along with specially chosen complimentary wines, for up to 14 people. On this cruise they also had a Vintage Room lunch. We did not attend any Vintage Room events this cruise.

Pre-dinner cocktails were in the Avenue Saloon. There wasn’t any live entertainment yet, but, as we left Bimini (right on time at 6:00 pm) Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World” was played. In all our Crystal cruises this is the first time that we’ve heard Louis sing at departure when indoors. I will say, our normal routine is to try to be on the Promenade Deck at sail away to observe and hear Louis sing.

We enjoyed dinner in The Waterside: Caesar Salad

Appetizer portion of Mafaldine Pasta-Braised Beef Short Rib and Root Vegetable Ragout

Grilled Ruby Snapper with Lobster Ravioli, Saffron Tarragon Fumet

Bob had: Mushroom Orzo

Bob also had an appetizer portion of the pasta and then he had: Pink-Roasted Pancetta Pork Tenderloin with Cauliflower Puree, Baby Carrots, Olive Oil Caviar, Chives

We both had: Mint Chocolate Trifle with Mint Mousse, Chocolate Ganache, Cocoa Crumble, Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

The main show was Karen Grainger, a female vocal impersonator. Her vocal impersonations included Reba, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Cher. Her skills in recreating the sounds of these superstars is incredible. She closed the show doing a tribute to Aretha Franklin with the Crystal Female Lead Vocalist Julie Bell-Posey. It was excellent.

Afterwards we headed to the Starlite to see the Latin Dance Show.

Today we walked 18,319 steps, 7.73 miles.

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