Monday, August 27, 2018

Day 17 - Sun August 26, 2018 Eighth Day at Sea - Crystal Symphony - San Francisco to New York

Day 17 - Sun August 26, 2018 Eighth Day at Sea

We slept a little later this morning, and started our one hour once the sun was rising. We much prefer to walk earlier before sunrise.

Another day at sea included several lectures:
  • “A Glimpse into the Future of Social Media, Technology and the Internet” by Dr Jack McManus. 
  • “Q & A with Dr Jeffrey Hoffman” (astronaut) 
  • “Sailing to the Sun: Cruising History and Folklore” by Bill Miller. This was about the history of cruising. 
Our Trivia Team met again at 12:05 to give it our best shot. This time we scored 9/15 correct. It certainly felt like we did better than that, we came up with answers to some challenging questions.

Sunday Brunch was served in the Crystal Cove. It was much like the Grand Gala buffet, only with some additional breakfast type items – waffles, eggs benedict, omelets, etc. There was also a wok station, pasta station, carving station, shrimp, salads, etc. We enjoyed Phillip’s company at Brunch.

Julie went to the movie “The Seagull.” It was a good thing that Bob didn’t go, definitely not his cup of tea. Julie wasn’t even sure she could make it through the movie, but did.

Pre-dinner we went to the Avenue Saloon for drinks. Dinner was in Umi Uma. It was enjoyable as always.


Shrimp Tempura Roll (it included 6 pieces – forgot to take the picture) 

Nobu Style Lobster Tacos 

Lobster Tempura with Ponzu Sauce 

Broiled Eggplant with Nobu Style Saikyo Miso Sauce 

Stir Fried Shrimp and Scallops with Spicy Garlic Sake Soy Sauce

Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef Filet Steak with Anticucho Sauce

The Main Entertainment was Bob Arno – an expert pickpocket and con man. He pickpocketed many items from the audience including watches, cell phones, a tie, etc. He generally uses distraction to steal from others. His show was certainly entertaining and funny.

Afterwards we saw the Crystal Ensemble perform Jump & Swing-A-Mania, a nice show in the Starlite.

Steps: 16,005 Miles: 6.8

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