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Day 19 - Tue August 28, 2018 Ninth Day at Sea - Crystal Symphony - San Francisco to New York

Day 19 - Tue August 28, 2018 Ninth Day at Sea

We started with our usual Promenade Deck walk. Sunrise was 6:31am and it began getting warm and humid once the sun had risen. Throughout the trip the heat has been quite challenging for walking. By the time we finish each day, we had worked up a major league sweat. It would always take us about half an hour to cool down. As we often had this cruise, we watched another beautiful sunrise.

Our cruise is coming to an end-we are disembarking tomorrow, one day early. Bob has to be back to teach on Thursday. This morning we went to the Galaxy and watched a lecture  “New York City-The Golden Door”. We then returned to our cabin and decided to begin packing. While packing we watched Jon Bailey’s lecture entitled “Hamilton: Today’s Prophetic Musical Voice,” a deep dive into the smash hit “Hamilton.”

At 12:05 pm was the last Team Trivia of the cruise. We scored 9/15 correct, two teams had 11/15 and there was a tiebreaker for the win.

We had lunch in the Trident Grill – trying pizza for the first time. It was tasty, but a heavier lunch than we usually eat. They were individual pizzas and we should have shared one rather than ordering one for each of us.

After lunch it was back to finish up as much packing as we could prior to the Black Tie Optional evening. We watched Bill Miller’s lecture “Gateway to the World: the Great Port of New York.”

We finished up our packing and went to see the end of the afternoon movie “3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.” We saw the entire movie on our last cruise in February/March, so could pick up what was going on even though it was part way through. Excellent movie.

We had pre-dinner cocktails in the Avenue Saloon and enjoyed chatting with Roger and Kat and their travelling friends. We met Roger and Kat in the hotel that we stayed at pre-cruise in San Francisco. They are delightful Australians. Dinner was in The Waterside. The dining room is usually pretty crowded on the Black Tie Optional evenings and tonight was no exception. Typically the menu is special. We particularly enjoyed our final dinner onboard.

The included wine tonight was our favorite of the cruise: Cenyth Winery (Sonoma County) 2013 Red Blend. It was excellent.

Shrimp Thermidor with Creamy Spinach, Puffed Pastry Stick, Mushrooms and Hollandaise Sauce – GREAT appetizer!

Cream of Asparagus Soup 

Appetizer Portion of Spaghetti Pasta “Prince of Naples” with three types of sauces: Fresh Tomato, Wild Mushroom, Bolognese Sauce - AMAZING!!

Filet of Beef Wellington- pink roasted Tenderloin of Beef, Baked in a Puff Pastry with Shallot-Port Wine Gravy, Vegetables and Duchess Potatoes 

Broiled Nordic King Crab Legs with Melted Butter and Lemon (Julie asked for one leg on the side of her Beef Wellington and received a whole order!) 

“La Pergola” Chocolate Coffee Mousse Cake, Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, an Whiskey Espuma

Crème Brulee

The Captain’s Farewell Party was held in the Starlight with cocktails and dancing.

The Main Show tonight was one we had not previously seen: “Crystal on Broadway: The Show” featuring the Crystal Ensemble of Singers and Dancers. We loved it! They perform songs from three different Broadway Musicals: “Something Rotten” (songs: “Welcome to the Reaissance,” “Hard to Be the Bard,” “A Musical,” and “Bottom’s Gonna Be On Top.” From “West Side Story” they performed “Something’s Coming,” “The Dance at the Gym,” “Tonight,” and “America.” From “Rent” they performed: “Light My Candle,” “Another Day,” “Will I,” “Dignity,” “Santa Fe,” and “ Seasons of Love.” It was a terrific show – the singing, dancing, staging and costumes were top-notch.


Today we walked 17, 234 steps, 8 miles

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