Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Day 20 - Wed August 29, 2018 New York City and Heading Home - Crystal Symphony - San Francisco to New York

Day 20 - Wed August 29, 2018 New York City and Heading Home

Today is our disembarkation day. Most other passengers will be leaving the ship tomorrow after an overnight in New York City. We had to make arrangements ahead of time to be able to leave the ship early.

Our sail in to New York came early – we were due to go under the Verrazano Bridge about 6:30 am. Actually, it occurred closer to 7:00 am. About 30 minutes later we sailed past the Statue of Liberty. The city was clouded in fog, but still a beautiful sight.

We had a leisurely breakfast at The Marketplace sitting outside on the aft deck. 

We chatted with Muriel for a few minutes before going to our cabin to retrieve our luggage. At 9:00 am we had to report to the Galaxy Lounge with about 30 other passengers who were also disembarking early. The purpose was to meet with the Customs officials for our official entry back into the US. The officials showed up about 9:40 am to start the process. It was a brief interview and then we were off the ship. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to stay onboard once we had been cleared by Customs. We got a taxi and proceeded to JFK – about 4 hours early for our 3:30 pm flight.

It was a great cruise! One of the truly enjoyable parts of this cruise was having the opportunity to interact with so many fellow Crystal Cruisers and especially members of Cruise Critic.

In our voyage, we traveled 5,996 nautical miles or 6,900 statute miles. We visited 10 different ports and 6 different countries not counting USA (Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Columbia, and Bahamas).

We didn't exercise today because everything was happening so early. So, not counting today, we have walked a total of 330,429 steps and 148.1 miles, roughly three times the length of the Panama Canal.


  1. World cruise 2019!! Our first WC.

    1. Do you have a separate blog for the World Cruise??? I'd love to follow along as I've always enjoy following your travels since meeting you on Symphony back in 2012..

  2. Hi Julie (and Bob)
    Will you be blogging on here throughout your World Cruise or have you set up a separate blog for this trip? I love following along on your trips as your travel blogs are always very interesting...
    Anne Fasfous