Saturday, August 11, 2018

Day 32/33 - Sun/Mon Mar 18/19, 2018 Journey Home - Crystal Symphony - Sydney to Tahiti

Day 32/33 - Sun/Mon Mar 18/19, 2018 Journey Home

Ok, so here we sit, on the Crystal Symphony, and we NEVER finished the blog from our previous cruise. As you might imagine, life got into the way and we never got back to this. A quick recap: we got into Tahiti late and then left in the morning. We got to the airport and hung around for our plane to depart.  We flew to LA, but could not get a connection to back home in Salt Lake. So, we stayed at the Hilton a short distance from LAX. We got up the next morning and flew home.

When we set out on this cruise, we wanted to see if we could handle more than two weeks on a cruise ship. Not only could we handle it, but we LOVED it. We didn't want to get off. Clearly going on a long, world cruise in the future would be no problem.


  1. So, I missed your entire trip, just happened to glance at my bookmarks. I was wondering what happened. I will make comments as i go through and catch up. Summer and I are booked on the Symphony through the canal, December. Turns out it is going to be a president's cruise.

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