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Day 5 - Tue August 14, 2018 Third Day at Sea - Crystal Symphony - San Francisco to New York

Day 5 - Tue August 14, 2018 Third Day at Sea

Yesterday, while we were in the dining room, Bob noticed this weird wind and wave pattern on the sea. 

Another glorious sea day. We were able to get out of bed about 5:40 am – Julie put a couple of loads of laundry in and then we set out on the Promenade Deck for our morning walk. It was still dark, the temperature was comfortable, and there were few people out walking yet.  Roy, whose adventures/blog we follow, was out there before us.  There are direction signs on the Deck to show which way you walk, which actually helps if it becomes crowded.  In all our cruises, the direction signs have always been the same.  Today they were pointing the opposite direction.  We, and others, found it a bit confusing and weird to be walking the other direction.

We enjoy the lectures and today attended:
  •  “Understanding Espionage in the Middle East” by Professor Louis Beres about the shaping of what happens in Syria, Iraq, Iran Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen Saudi Arabia, Israel by spying and associated intelligence and counterintelligence activities.
  • “The Hubble Space Telescope: Window to a New Universe” by Dr Jeffrey Hoffman, Astronaut, who made three spacewalks during Hubble’s initial rescue and repair mission.  He told the story of how the Hubble Telescope went from a failure to a great success.
Team Trivia.  Sigh.  We again scored 12/15 and there were two teams that scored 13 resulting in a tie-breaker question.  We seem to be off by one each day.  There’s always tomorrow!  We are having fun.

Our trivia team in the foreground, and the hoard of teams in the Star Light lounge.

Bob went to a movie this afternoon starring the Rock – “Rampage.”  Bob said that the best part of the movie was when a giant gorilla, wolf and alligator were climbing and destroying the (former) Sears Tower in Chicago.  Hmmmm, Julie is now really happy she skipped the film.

Julie did some reading and took care of a few items.  It was a rainy afternoon with dark skies, although the sea remains remarkably calm.

We had pre-dinner cocktails in the Palm Court.  We rarely have the appetizers offered, but tonight they were irresistible and we had to have a taste- homemade tortilla chips with guacamole and mini-cheeseburgers.  They have a new, very extensive bar menu.  Bob tried a Mediterranean Gin & Tonic, consisting of Gin, Limoncello, Tonic and fresh Thyme.  He declared it a hit. Dinner was in the Churrascaria – the Brazilian Style Steakhouse.  We learned on our last cruise that we really enjoy this dining venue.  Portions are very tasty and you are in control of the amount that you eat.  We enjoyed nice salads, and small servings of several meats (Garlic Prawns are Julie’s favorite and the Pork Medallion was Bob’s favorite last evening).  The Grilled Cinnamon Pineapple served as dessert.

After our starting salad, Bob got some mushrooms, grilled vegetables, baked potato, and the first meat tonight, a pork medallion. Clearly this was not plated by Crystal, it was plated by Bob (leaving plenty of room for the meat portions).

“Crystal in Motion” was the main show tonight.  It is a newer production show featuring the Crystal Ensemble of singers and dancers, the violinist, vocalist, Latin Dance Quartet, and the Crystal Showband.  It was a nice variety-type show.

After the show we decided to go out on the Promenade Deck.  Interestingly enough, the direction signs for walking had been changed back to the original direction that they have been since we began cruising Crystal 10 years ago.  We inspected the signs and they are not easily movable as they are fixed to the railing.  The changed direction this morning remains a mystery.

Today we walked 18,154 steps, 8 miles and more flights of stairs than I can count.  We make it a habit to take the stairs on cruises rather than using the elevators just to get in more steps. :)

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