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Day 6 - Wed August 15, 2018 Fourth Day at Sea - Crystal Symphony - San Francisco to New York

Day 6 - Wed August 15, 2018 Fourth Day at Sea

The day started with a walk on the Promenade Deck.  Unfortunately, we lost another hour last night and we are now on Central Time Zone.  We didn’t get up as early as we intended, and cut our walk back by about 10 minutes due to the heat.

Another sea day, and more lectures:
  • “Pioneers of the Panama Canal” by Dr Jay Wolff.  This talk was of particular interest as we will be transiting the Panama Canal.  The thought of building the Canal dates back to the 1500s as a means to facilitate transportation/trade.  Sites in Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama were considered.  It took centuries before the politics were addressed, a company was formed and construction began.
  • “South Pacific and Oklahoma” Some Enchanted Musicals by Jon Bailey.  Bailey spoke about Rogers and Hammerstein’s memorable musicals from the 1940’s that live on in today’s world.  Rogers was very prolific and wrote over 900 songs.
  • “Getting There was Half the Fun: The Last Atlantic Liners” by William Miller.  He spoke about the transatlantic journeys of the film stars, royalty, canines, and the classes of staterooms and their amenities during the 1950s and 1960s.  The strides made in air travel changed the mode of transatlantic travel for the wealthy.

Another bad day at Team Trivia – we only scored 8/15 correct.  Other teams struggled as well with the questions today, except the winning team got 12 right. Next best was 9.

This afternoon we saw the movie “Bookshop,” starring Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy and Patricia Clarkson.  Julie quite enjoyed it, Bob declared it depressing.

Pre-dinner cocktails were in the Crystal Cove enjoying Scott Mitchel’s piano playing.  We tried the Mediterranean Gin and Tonic again. Notice it is served in what is lovingly called by the crew - the fish bowl (technically served the Spanish way in a Copa de Balon glass).

Dinner in TheWaterside.  Julie enjoyed: Asparagus Salad with Olives and Cherry Tomatoes

Cream of Chicken Soup with Sun-Dried Tomatoes Confetti

Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon Fillet with Lemon Hollandaise, Summer Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes

Bob had: The same Cream of Chicken Soup and Balsamic Vinaigrette Tossed Rocket with Eggplant Chips and Shredded Carrots

Sedanini Pasta ala Emiliana with Tomato Sauce, Bacon, Onions and Fresh Herbs

Julie had a Grand Marnier Souffle with Sauce Negresco (ok, Bob had a couple of bites) and some Specialty Cookies

Aleksander pouring the Grand Marnier.
The show tonight was the “Emperors of Soul,” a group of 4 who presented a show of Motown Music.  We both enjoyed them immensely, and they did a great job getting the audience involved, dancing and singing.

Afterwards it was off to the Starlite Club to watch the Latin Dance Quartet.  Their performance was much different than the Latin Dance Quartet we saw in February/March who only performed to Latin Music.  This group performed dances to a wider variety of music and the performance was well attended and quite enjoyable.

We went to the Avenue Saloon for a drink, but were the only passengers in there.  Michaela whom we had gotten to know on our last cruise was there, so it was great to spend some time chatting with her. Since there are so many new drinks on the menu, we decided to grab some pictures of the menus. Those are below.

We were slackers today – only 12,872 steps and 6 miles.

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  1. What did you think of the Tonic? I have seen many posts about G&T lovers very happy with the addition.