Monday, April 15, 2019

Day 2 – Mon, April 8, 2019 – Monte Carlo, Monaco – Crystal Serenity – Monte Carlo to Venice

We got up early, met the kids, and walked over to a Starbucks.

We wandered around a bit in Monte Carlo. It's quite a city. Lots of wealth and also very beautiful, perched on the mountain side.

Taxi ride to the dock (25 Euros for a very short ride) and then a fairly hectic process to get through security. Once on board, it was calm calm calm. So nice to be back on Crystal. We dined for lunch in the dining room. Bob had his usual Cobb Salad. Julie was disappointed that they didn't have her usual Salmon, but she asked for it and got it!!! They also didn't offer the Raspberry Sundae that she usually gets on embarkation day. Clearly the desserts on Serenity are different from those on Symphony. I see lots of tasting desserts in the future since Julie's list of the 4 best desserts (the only ones she orders) don't jive with the offerings.

Some more nice views of Monte Carlo.

When our room was ready we unpacked and were ready to start cruising!

All went normally with muster drill, drinks in the Avenue, and dinner. Julie had:

Shrimp Cocktail

Appetizer portion of Penne Lisce Alla Primavera

Broiled, Fresh Norwegian Salmon Fillet

Bob had:

Roasted Portabello Mushroom

Beef Consume

Grilled Black Angus Sirloin Steak

After dinner, we viewed the beautiful city skyline.

We walked 7200 Steps and 3.2 Miles.


  1. The picture of the vanity, with the mirror, what do you have suspended toward the balcony? Some type of power cable is what it looks like.

  2. Yes, a power cable to bring regular 110 over to by the bedside (installed by the ship, not us :).