Thursday, April 25, 2019

Day 7 – Sat, April 13, 2019 – At Sea – Crystal Serenity – Monte Carlo to Venice

Finally. A day at sea. Oh my. Oh my. I can't believe that we finally get a day off from touring this amazing world to get a day at relax and enjoy the amazing ship. We got up and walked a TON around the promenade deck (over an hour).

Cool Double Rainbow Off Stern
We skipped breakfast (we were getting a little excellent fooded and amazing wined out and went to the two talks) instead. The first one was the destination lecturer Marcus Sherwood on "Ports of Antiquity: Corfu and Kotor". Marcus gave a wonderful talk, and as a Brit, had an indredibly dry sense of humor. He kept injecting little funnies that if you weren't paying attention you'd ignore. He gave a great talk covering the two upcoming ports, both from a historical perspective and modern sites perspective. Both ports sound exciting.

At the beginning of his talk he mentioned going through the straights of Messina. This is the narrow portion of water between Sicily and the toe of the boot of Italy (kinda like Italy is kicking a football - err soccer ball). The currents, winds, and water can be a bit tricky, but for us it was no problem. The bad weather from the previous day had left us, so it was beautiful weather. At the narrowest point it is only 1.9 miles wide.

Image from Markcus' Talk

Cool Bridge on Shore.

The narrowest part of the Straight.

The second talk was by award winning White House Reporter for US News and World Report - Ken Walsh on "The Consequential Presidency of Donald Trump." He did an excellent job of being unbiased and tried to discuss the disruptor in chief that our president is attempting to be.

We then met Alex and Brenda for lunch in the dining room. Julie had the most interesting lunch, a deconstructed steak salad.

After lunch, we relaxed and eventually went to the Mozart tea up in the Palm court. It was typical and excellent. Live chamber music, wonderful snacks, and great tea.

Tonight was formal night and a new thing that they've added recently is the Stardust Supper Club. They have a restricted menu from the Waterside dinner and with the venue being in the Stardust Lounge and live music performance by the Crystal Band and several singers and dancers. It was wonderful. It is very intimate and was perfect for us since the tables are all for 4 and the event was fully subscribed at 100 people.

Carpaccio of Celeriac

Forest Mushroom Soup

Cold Water Lobster 
Roast Beef Tenderloin

Chocolate Delice
Today we walked:
Steps: 13,004 Distance: 6.69 Miles


  1. The Supper Club sounds / looks very nice. How often is it available?

    1. They do it on formal night. If it's a long cruise with multiple formal nights, it is the first and last formal nights of the segment.

    2. Thanks. 10 nights in December, not long enough....

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