Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Day 2 (July 6, 2019) – Cunard Queen Mary 2 – Transatlantic (New York to Southampton) – First Day at Sea

Today we got up at about 7 and eventually made it outside for a walk on the promenade at about 7:40. We ended up walking about 40 minutes around the deck. It was not very crowded in the beginning but got more crowded as we walked. Also, they were setting up the deck chairs, so it was a bit narrow in places while we walked. We navigated successfully and ended up walking about 2.5 miles.

We returned to our cabin, got ready for the day and then headed to the Britannia Dining room for breakfast. Julie had Eggs Benedict (she didn’t really like the English bacon on it and felt that the English Muffin was too heavy). Bob had an omelet and streaky bacon (which is like typical American bacon). He felt that both were excellent. We got done in plenty of time to go the Illuminations theater (where they also have a planetarium) for the first of four lectures for the day.

The four lectures were:

1: “The Pirate Myth” by Doug Burgess
2: “Classic Ingenuity” (Architecture) by John Sherlock
3: “The Nat King Cole Story” by Dave Mallinder
4: “An Officer in Britannia” by Captain Jonathan Holloway

In the morning show, we learned that there was a mandatory UK immigration face to face required of all passengers. So, after the first lecture, we went to our cabin and grabbed our passports, headed to the second-floor entrance of the Britannia dining room, did the quick face-to-face, and took our stuff back to the room and then went to the second lecture. After about 10 minutes, we decided that it was not for us and we left early.

We then wandered about, looking for the Queen’s Room (where they have afternoon tea and the gala ball tonight – found it, in the back of the ship, deck 3) and the Carinthia Lounge where they are supposed to have a lounge area, bar area, and food area. We found that in the front of the ship, deck 7, near the King’s Court. We then headed to the lobby to see a ships staff member ring 8 bells at noon on the Queen Mary 2 bell in the lobby on the 3rd deck. After the captain’s message from the navigation bridge (which was quite informative, including talking about the fastest passenger ship east bound transatlantic passage – in the 50’s by the SS United States that did it in 3 days and 3 hours – we are taking about double that length of time).

The Golden Lion Pub served nicely for a draft beer and pub lunch. Julie had the fish (Cod) and chips, while Bob had Chicken Tiki Masala. Both were excellent. After lunch, we headed back to Illuminations to see the afternoon movie “The Greatest Showman” at 1:30pm. We had seen it before, but didn’t remember it very well. It was excellent with some wonderful songs. The movie ended at about 3:10 and next went to the Queen’s Room for afternoon tea. There was a huge line, so we waited and they let us in a bit before the 3:30 start time. We had a wonderful tea, small sandwiches, and a scone. It was marvelous, definitely not to be missed.

Parade of the Waiters bringing the Tea

We had to eat fast, in order to make it back to Illuminations to see the 4th lecture of the day on life on the Royal Yacht, the Britannia. The talk was quite good.

BTW - the seas were incredibly calm!!!

Next on the agenda was to get ready for evening, which included the Captain’s welcome aboard Gala at 7:45, dinner at 8:30, and then the production show at 10:30.

The Gala was in the Queen’s room. We got there about 5 minutes early and there was a HUGE line. There are two entrances, the starboard one was for those that wanted to go through the receiving line to greet and have pictures with the Captain and the other was for those that just wanted to get in, get a cocktail, and sit down. We found a nice table and were eventually joined by a couple from Adelaide, Australia. They were in the middle of a 49-day trip that includes taking at least one segment on each of the three Cunard Queen ships. They were quite interesting to chat with.

The Captain told us about the 2501 passengers on the ship, with the majority from the UK (over 1000 people). Second was USA passengers, third was Australia, and fourth was Canada. He also mentioned that there were 19 dogs and 1 cat up in the kennel.

Dinner was at our table (number 147) in The Brittania Dining Room.  It is a table for 4 and we have not had any table mates either night. There are quite a few empty tables at the late seating. Julie had the H. Foremans and Son’s Famous London Cured Smoked Salmon, Caesar Salad, and Sauteed Garlic Lemon Tiger Prawns (there were only 4 small Prawns in the dish, Julie was a bit disappointed in that).

Bob had the Buffalo Cauliflower, Caesar Salad, and Chateaubriand. Bob thought that the Chateaubriand was excellent.

For dessert, Julie had the Praline Souffle and Bob had the Chocolate and Honey/Ginger Ice Creams plus Sorbet.

After dinner, we went to The Royal Court Theatre for the production show called Apassionata. It was a show with singing and a lot of dancing that varied from Ballroom to Jive. We both thought that it was a good show, not a great show.

BTW - it is a really, really long corridor from one end of the ship to the other.

Today we walked 13,844 steps and 6.32 miles.

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