Thursday, July 11, 2019

Day 4 (July 10, 2019) – Cunard Queen Mary 2 – Transatlantic (New York to Southampton) – Third Day at Sea

Bob got up at about 7am today and went outside for a walk (Julie had a rough time of it sleeping – might be related to the time changes). He walked 3 miles on deck. It had rained the previous night and it was significantly colder (about 55 degrees F). We later learned that we had passed through some shallower water in the night, which meant fog and precipitation.

We had breakfast in the dining room and then headed to the talk by Dave Mallinder on Dean Martin. He gave a nice timeline of his life and included many pictures and clips of Dean. It was a very fascinating story.

The second lecture of the day was in the  Royal Court Theatre by Fidelis Morgan at 11am. This talk was about women in early theater in England (16th and 17th century). She even acted out some parts from some early plays. We ended up leaving early as we pretty much could not understand the talk. It was very much for the UK audience who have a deeper understanding of UK history than we did.

We then wandered up to the top deck (this was actually the first time since our first day that we had been above deck 7). Our goal was to hear the ship’s horn test at noon (Roy mentioned in his blog that they do this every day at noon). The horns were VERY loud and clearly working. One of the apparently came over from the original Queen Mary. In the noon navigational talk by the Captain it was mentioned that the ship has 40% more steel than typical cruise ships, thus making it an ocean liner.  This allows it to handle the challenges and potentially rough seas of the northern Atlantic.

Lunch (at 1pm since we lost an hour at noon again) was in the dining room. Next up was Tom McLauchlan’s classical guitar concert in the Royal Court Theatre. He was very good, although it’s not really our cup of tea.

We went back to our cabin and watched the rest of the final episode of Amazing Race (Bob had loaded it onto his iPad and then connected it to the TV using an HDMI cable he had brought with him).

At 6pm, we went upstairs to check out the trough to see if maybe we wanted to have dinner up there. It just didn’t look appealing, but the cheese station looked amazing. We got too much cheese (although it was really good) and it nearly turned into a dinner along with some wine that we got in NYC.

Eventually it was dinner time and we headed again for table 147 in the Britannia Dining room. For dinner, Julie had Mixed Garden Greens with Goat’s Cheese Toast and Grilled Dijon and Maple Glazed Salmon. Julie thought that the salmon was quite excellent. For dessert, she tried and hated the Soft Chocolate Ganache.

Bob had the Roast Beef and Boursin Roulade for his appetizer and a fourth steak in the row with the Chef’s Recommendation of Grilled Striploin Steak. Bob said that both were amazing. For dessert, Bob tried the Pistachio and Chocolate ice creams with Strawberry sorbet. It was somewhat like Neapolitan ice cream.

We ate fairly quickly (only 2 courses) and went back to our room to hang out waiting for the evening show by Mike Doyle. Mike is a singer and comedian. He is an incredibly talented and accomplished singer and his comedy was top notch. He got the audience involved and it was a very entertaining evening. Each act typically gets 45 minutes for their show, but he went well over an hour. Although we didn’t get into bed until after midnight, it was definitely worth it.

Today we walked 15,179 steps and 6.98 miles.

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