Friday, July 12, 2019

Day 5 (July 11, 2019) – Cunard Queen Mary 2 – Transatlantic (New York to Southampton) – Fourth Day at Sea

The noontime change to advance the clocks has been quite effective and we really like it. But staying up so late for the Mike Doyle show took its toll and we didn’t get up and get going until after 8am. The outside temperatures are down to around 60 degrees and it was somewhat windy on one side of the ship for our walk. We still managed to do about 40 minutes walking (Bob had to bug out to get planetarium show tickets at 9am), but we were able to get our walk in.

Breakfast was in the dining room again. It’s surprising how crowded the dining room is for both breakfast and lunch. We ae so used to Crystal where the number of people using the dining room for breakfast and lunch is very minimal. That could be because this ship has roughly 3 times the passengers or maybe the trough on Crystal is so good in terms of food quality and dining enjoyment (Crystal makes a good use of partitions and table arrangements to make it not feel like a giant cafeteria). The QM2 has many rooms for eating, but many of them are fairly large making it feel more cafeteria-like.

We were running late after breakfast and so headed to Illuminations to hear Captain Jonathan Holloway’s second talk. This was titled “Submarine Rescue.” He talked about how he was the Naval attaché to Russia in 2002 and how he helped arrange the rescue of a Russian mini-sub that became entangled in some nets off the coast of Kamchatka. It was a fascinating story. That was followed in the Royal Court Theatre with John McCarthy’s second talk on his captivity story in Lebanon.

We returned to our stateroom at noon to turn our clocks forward for the third time an hour. iPhones allow you to manually set the time zone, but they do it by location, We were having a very hard time finding some location that it knew of that was in this time zone. Julie eventually came on the solution and so we changed it from Nuuk Greenland to Cape Verde. As we were getting ready for the rest of the day, the Captain came on for his noon update. The coolest factoid that he told us was that we are passing over the mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is a mountain range under the sea. This range is the longest on earth at over 10,000 miles long and over 1,000 miles wide. We are now over 1,900 nm from NYC and about 1,100 from Southampton.

Lunch was in the Kings Court. Julie has been hoping to get some sticky toffee pudding, but has yet to see it. Today, Bob found some apple cinnamon pudding and we both loved it.

The planetarium show was fast approaching, so we got in line early (about 20 minutes early) and got to see the 22 minute show “Stars over the Atlantic.” It was quite excellent and a true planetarium type of show.

This evening, they decided to flip flop the times for the evening shows, so those of us on late seating had the first show at 7pm. It was an encore performance by violinist Katerina Rossa where she played a whole new set of music. In addition, the royal court players of singers and dancers did about 15 minutes of singing and dancing with lots of feathers. We really like this time format much better.  Generally, we are early diners, but only traditional late seating was available on this cruise as we booked late.  We struggle to get our daytime meal timing right with dinner at 8:30 pm as well as to stay up so late for the evening’s featured show which up until tonight begins at 10:30 pm.

Before dinner, we wandered by all of the bars on decks 2, 3, and 7. They all had live music and were incredibly crowded. We did stop in the Queens room to see what sequence dancing is (the dancers got in a big circle and essentially danced around the circle with everyone doing roughly the same dance steps). It was odd and interesting. It reminded us of line dancing except in a circle.

Julie by a model of the ship.

Dinner was again in the Britannia dining room. Julie had Prawn and Salmon Cake and Mixed Greens for appetizer and salad course. For her entrée she had Shrimp with Lime Coconut Rice. Her dessert was Caramelized Pear Tart. Julie joked that the cake looked a whole lot like a can of cat food, but it was tasty if a bit weird. The Shrimp had Red Chili Oil and Toasted Garlic on it and was excellent. She also loved the tart.

Bob had Potted Salt Beef for his appetizer and Savoy Cabbage, Carrot, and Apple for his salad. He thought that the both were excellent. He also had the shrimp entrée and for dessert tried the Riccotta Lemon Curd Crème Brulee. He agreed that the shrimp was fantastic and the crème brulee was different but very tasty.

After dinner, we wandered back to the Queens room to hear the band Purple Haze play music through the decades. Then it was back to the room for bed.

Today we walked 11,251 steps and 5.15 miles.

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