Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Day 10 (Jan 20, 2020) – Crystal Symphony – San Diego to Guam – Lahaina, Hawaii

We traveled the 70 nautical miles from Honolulu to Lahaina (south coast of Oahu to the west coast of Maui). Lahaina is where we anchored off the coast of Maui, an old whaling town. During it's history, it was so popular for whaling boats that one could practically walk across the boats from Maui to Lanai (another Hawaiian island about 8 miles away). The weather was warmer, with the high projected to be around 80.

We decided to not walk on board today as our plan was a beach day. The beach that we chose (Hanakao'o Park) was 2.9 miles from where the tender boat dropped us off in the port of Lahaina. It is at the south end of Kaanapali Beach, next to the Hyatt.  So, we were going to get our exercise. We had breakfast in The Marketplace with another excellent omelet by Lucky and some fresh fruit. We typically eat in the open air off the back of the ship. While we were sitting there, we saw a ton of whale spouts and several whale backs surfacing. Nothing was terribly close, but definitely visible. (Sorry, no pictures as the timing is super challenging)

We gathered up our beach stuff, got on our bathing suits and headed down to Deck 4 where we could board the tender. After the short boat ride, we began our walk to the beach at about 9am.

The first mile and a half was on side walks, but eventually we came to about a quarter mile portion where we had to walk in the bike lane on a fairly fast moving road.

No sidewalks, so had to walk on the side, but it was very pretty!

We passed the Lahaina city limits border
After that, we had reached a wonderful portion of the walk where we were about a mile on paved paths in a couple of beach parks, walking by the ocean with the lava rocks and beautiful coastline.

By the way, Julie chose the Hanakao'o Park because it is typically frequented by locals and has facilities - restrooms, showers, and shade. It was a fairly small beach with a nice grassy, shaded picnic area behind. We plopped down our ship towels and enjoyed the waves, sounds, and sun (it was partly sunny most of the time with bits of cloud and bits of sun). The water was cold and we didn't do much swimming, just wading.

Bob's view!!
After a couple of hours, we decided to head back to the ship. By now, it was pretty hot/humid, so part way back, we stopped at the Lahaina Cannery Mall for 10 minutes of air conditioning. We made it back to the ship, stopped by the ice cream counter up on deck 11 to get a couple of scoops of Ben & Jerry's to cool us down.

In the evening, we went to the Crystal Cove, sat at the Bar and chatted with Petar. We decided to go to dinner at 6pm (even though you have to stand in line to get in) so we could get done early and make the 7:30pm show.  We were both pretty beat.

We both had the same Fresh Californian Artichoke appetizer. It was tasty and tender, but just too much work.

For the second course, Julie had Crisp Duck Confit Spring Roll, while Bob had an appetizer portion of the Shell Pasta "Capricciosa" (with tomato sauce, ham, artichokes, mushrooms, olives, and parsley). Julie definitely got the winner for this round as Bob thought that the pasta was just too bland and the tomato sauce kind of mediocre.

The entrees, Julie had Grilled Fresh Salmon and Bob had the Roasted Pagan Ham (Bob guesses that the pig must have had religious beliefs that were not main stream). Both were great.

The production show was "The Speakeasy" with singing and dancing from the Roarin' 20's and prohibition. They had set up a special entrance to the Galaxy Lounge where they required a password to get in. We had seen it before, but it was very nice. After that, we hit the sack.

Today we walked 20,058 steps and 9.1 miles.

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