Thursday, January 23, 2020

Day 12 (Jan 22, 2020) – Crystal Symphony – San Diego to Guam – Sixth Day at Sea

Today is the halfway point of the cruise (in terms of days). We gained another hour last night (and will gain another one tonight). Not counting tonight, that is 3 hours from San Diego and 4 from home in Utah. We are sailing at 245 degrees (approximately southwest), 20 knots speed, headed for Majuro in the Marshall Islands.

So far, as of the total yesterday (1/21) we have walked 194,870 steps and 86.5 miles. Holy smokes, that is a LOT of walking. I hope that we shouldn't have brought TWO pairs of athletic shoes!

So, another sea day. More exercise. More talks. More food porn. The daily routine. So, instead of boring you, we've created a handy table to help summarize what we did.

Morning Exercise: 3.44 miles, Exercise Machines: Yes
Weather: 75 degrees and partly cloudy skies
Seas: A little rolypoly, but not bad (the wind is behind us, pushing us, so it's rather pleasant)
Breakfast: Marketplace, Omelet from Lucky plus fresh fruit, Ate outside
  • Dr. Barbara Udell - “Lowering Your Risk for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and Keeping Your Brain Younger.”
  • Comdr. Jeff Tall OBE RN - “The War in the Pacific – Fight Back"
  • Jon Malay - "Exploring the Blackness – The History of Deep Submergence"
Trivia: 6/15 (yea, we were terrible, I mean triple terrible)
Fun Trivia Question: What two European countries have only observer status in the United Nations?
Lunch: Marketplace, Salad, ate inside
Movie: "From Here to Eternity" - skipped so we could keep working on catching up the blog
Dinner: Churrascaria (big salad, and Julie had prawns and short ribs, while Bob had the prawns, short ribs, and an amazing smoky pork medallion wrapped in bacon) - no pix (we will take some next time)
Trivia Answer: Switzerland and Vatican City
Daily steps: 15,777
Daily miles: 6.8

Two interesting photos from today, first we took while walking. Just before sunrise, we saw about quarter moon and probably Venus below and to the left. The second was just a few off the stern of the ship. We sit out here sometimes because it is a wonderful view, the sounds are amazing, and very comfortable.

For those of you that don't know, there is a wonderful web site, Cruise Critic ( They are mostly discussion boards on all things cruising (from cruise lines to ports in cities to many other things). It is an amazing wealth of information and the people on the Crystal Cruises boards are incredibly helpful. Anyway, for every specific cruise, there is a "roll call" discussion thread where people talk about the upcoming cruise, find partners to go on tours with, etc. Anyway, on each cruise, you can sign up for the "Meet and Mingle", which is a cocktail party to get the various CC members together to chat. For this cruise, the "Meet and Mingle" was today at 5:30pm. They reserved a section of the Palm Court and it's basically a cocktail party with appetizers and drinks. Plus, there is often several ship's officers that show up to chat with the guests. This time, I counted three! We heard from Tracy (TER777) that 82 people signed up! We ended up mostly chatting with two lovely other couples, one from Michigan and the other from Tucson, Arizona. It was great to chat and share travel stories.

Tonight's show was Imagine - created by iLuminate. iLuminate is the dance team that won America's Got Talent where they perform in the dark with suits that light up choreographed to the music. They worked with Crystal to create a show that the dancers and singers could perform. Although we've seen it a couple of times before, It was still incredible. The suits are heavy (like 20 pounds) and they can barely see.

After that, we went to the Big Band and Pops performance in the Starlight club by the Crystal Showband performing songs and some were with vocalist Johannah Jolson. It was very pleasant. Here is the description of Johannah from the Daily Reflections:

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