Sunday, January 12, 2020

Day 2 (Jan 12, 2020) – Crystal Symphony – San Diego to Guam – San Diego Day 2

We got up early again (before 6am). It's kind of a problem because on this cruise, we are going to be heading west and gaining hour after hour. But in any case, that is where we are now.

The view from our hotel room (Carnival Miracle peeking through the buildings on the left)
We had a lazy start, got ready and headed down about 9am for our second shot at the included breakfast. This time it was very good. Everything was fresh, nicely prepared, and tasted great.

So, based on Julie's pre-cruse planning today we were supposed to get up and go to the Air and Space museum in Balboa Park. However, we had such a good day yesterday that we accomplished that goal so we had to find new plans. After some deliberations, we decided to walk along the waterfront as far as we could go, check out the sites and end up in the Gas Lamp area.

We did that stopping at the Seaport Village shops to check out their goods. We didn't buy anything, but it was a nice little collection of shops. We kept following the shore, sometimes walking to the end of the piers and enjoyed the amazing weather and incredible scenery.

We stopped in the marina to ogle at some of the giant yachts (such as the 44 meter Domani). While we were there, the 50m Azteca II docked (we found that it is for sale for a cool $20M). We saw at least a 6 person crew (counting whoever was steering) handling the docking.

We kept walking and eventually ran out of waterfront.

At the end of the waterfront was the Hilton Hotel that had this great graphic background for a nice picture.
We had to double back, crossed the street and headed into the GasLamp district. They were having an artisans fair down the middle of the street, with tons and tons of restaurants along the sides.

We headed back toward our hotel, stopping first along the waterfront at Carnita's Snack Shack and had an excellent Bloody Mary in the open air bar with a terrific view of the bay. What was interesting is that they used green chile infused vodka from St. George Spirits. It was amazing!!

On our way back, we walked by a nice food fair with food booths and lots of people hanging out.

The Santa Fe train station was architecturally interesting.

We relaxed a bit in our room and watched some more playoff football.

Dinner was in the GasLamp area and we went to the Searsucker restaurant. They had a happy hour from 3-6pm with an interesting drink menu and small set of food items. We sat at the bar and had the Jalaberry Strawpeno cocktail with a strawberry/jalapeno infused tequila, agave, and lime juice. It was so excellent that we both had two of them. Then we had their burger, duck fat fried french fries and draft beer special. It was truly tasty, We walked over and back-had to burn off some of those calories!

Again, we returned to our room early and watched the end of the Packer/Seahawk divisional playoff game (Yahoo, go Pack!!!). Tomorrow we board the ship!!!  We can't wait - it will be like going home.

Today we slacked off and only walked 20,627 steps and 9.4 miles.

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