Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Day 4 (Jan 14, 2020) – Crystal Symphony – San Diego to Guam – First Day at Sea

Before we start todays Blog, we wanted to include a description of where we are going. The reasons we chose this itinerary- to get out of the January snow where we live.  We hear that it has snowed everyday since we left.  And, we LOVE sea days, and, in our opinion, no one does sea days better than Crystal.  This was a very popular cruise - when we tried to book it 6 months ago, it was full.  We put ourselves on the waitlist and cleared it in September.

Let's talk about the weather. There is no impending storm all the way to Hawaii. So, that sounds excellent. Unfortunately last night and today, the seas were rolling. Bob sometimes gets a touch of sea sickness which he has always controlled with Bonine (Meclizine). The key is to get ahead of it and not let it start. Once it starts, he has a hard time shaking it. Well, unfortunately, we didn't listen to the captain yesterday where he said the weather would be good with rolling seas and that should have immediately said to Bob - take a Bonine. Bob woke up and was in pretty bad shape. Sleeping was ok, but once he was vertical he did not feel good at all. We tried to walk at 7am and he got about 20 minutes in and felt super sick and had to go in and lay down. Julie went and got some tea and a croissant to help him. Eventually he felt a tiny bit better and he got another 30 minutes of walking in at 9:30am.

The seas started getting a little better throughout the day and the Bonine helped some what, but Bob was pretty much not himself all day long.

Lectures were:

  • Dr. Richard Turnbull - “A User’s Guide to Polynesia."
  • Dr. Robert O. Freedman - “Understanding the Contemporary Middle East.”
  • Dr. Khalid Sheikh -  “Unveiling the Myth and Misconceptions About Eating Fat and Heart Disease."

We ended up watching the second one live in our stateroom TV, attended the third one in person at 1:30pm and watched the replay of the first one during the afternoon on TV (they are digitally recorded and you can go back and watch them at any time).

In between lectures, we had lunch in the Waterfront dining room where Julie had the Black Bean and Baby Shrimp salad, while Bob had the Sandwich of the Day: Gyro. Bob was still only about 75% during the rest of the day, but definitely feeling better.

Tonight was a "Black Tie Optional" (BTO) evening and Captain's reception. Bob put on his tux, while Julie wore an incredible sparkly dress (she ended up getting nearly a dozen complements from totally random people about how good she looked - INCLUDING of course Bob's effusive compliments).

We went to the Crystal Cove for pre-dinner drinks. Bob was still feeling marginal and had sparkling water. Julie tried the drink of the day: Lanique Prussian 75 - Lanique Liqueur is a strong (39%)
spirit liqueur made with Attar of Rose that is created by steam distilling thousands of rose petals. The drink consisted of Roederer Estate Champagne, Lanique Rose & Fresh Lemon Sour. She loved it. Very light and not too sweet.

Dinner in Waterfront is always special and so we headed in at about 6:10 and scored a window table for two. Our waiter told us that everything on the menu was excellent. Julie had: appetizer portion of Cappelini "Aglio Olio E Peperoncino" (very thin pasta with roasted garlic, parsley, chili flakes, and virgin olive oil), an appetizer portion of Herb-crusted Lemon Sole Fillets, and Butter Poached Cold Water Lobster. She thought that the pasta and lobster were as good as you can get, but the sole was kind of medium.

Bob had the Wild Mushroom Soup "Cappaccino Style", an appetizer portion of the pasta, and Slow Roasted Black Angus Beef "Tenderloin". He felt that they were incredible. The steak was melt in your mouth amazing.

We both had vanilla creme brulee for desert.

After dinner, we went to the Captain's Welcome Aboard reception. We typically skip the meet and greet part and just go and watch the dancing before the Captain came out to speak. Captain Niklas Peterstam is new to Crystal and on his first contract. He mentioned that there were 750 passengers and 590 crew on board.

After the Captain introduced his top officers, we headed to the Galaxy Lounge for the evening show by two-time Tony nominee Christine Andreas. Her husband Martin Silvestri directed the Crystal Show Band and also interacted and sang with Christine. Her voice was absolutely incredible.

Tonight is the first of many evenings when we gain an hour, so had to set our clocks back an hour before going to bed.

Today Julie walked: 13,889 steps and 6.2 miles (Bob, the "sickee," only got 8,582 and 4.0 miles).


  1. Love the dress!
    Nancy (NJBeaglemom form CC)

    1. Thanks, Nancy! When I purchased it, Bob asked why I needed another sparkly dress. Attire is becoming more and more casual where we live and the dress is pretty much limited to cruises. I now feel pretty good about the $40 expenditure (yes, it was a bargain)!

  2. Julie your smile is as sparkly as your sparkly dress. You look fantastic!