Friday, January 17, 2020

Day 6 (Jan 16, 2020) – Crystal Symphony – San Diego to Guam – Third Day at Sea

NOTE - Petar has been found!!!! See below....

So, during the night, we passed the halfway point between San Diego and Honolulu. It's about 2280 nautical miles between the two points, we are traveling at about 20 knots speed, and heading between 257 and 247 degrees. The weather has been a bit warmer than in San Diego, this morning it was 16 degrees C (about 61 degrees F). It's still nice weather and reasonably calm seas.

Bob has been listening to a fascinating book by Bill Bryson called "A Short History of Nearly Everything." The book mentions that the Pacific Ocean holds 50% of all of the sea water, it's area is larger than all of the land area combined, and amazingly the western edge is actually higher (by about a foot) than the eastern side (due to the Coriolis Effect of the earth spinning). So, sea level is far from being level.

The day started normally (when Bob isn't being sea sick - which thankfully has passed) and we got up and started walking at about 6:30am. Today was unique thus far on the trip where the promenade deck was not drenched with sea spray. We walked for about 70 minutes and 4 miles. The sun was not really evident for the 7am sunrise, although there were traces of it along the horizon.

After skipping breakfast, we headed to the Bistro for coffee and then went to first two of the daily talks:

Dr. Richard Turnbull - “Paradise Found: Hawaii and It's History"
Comdr. Jeff Tall OBE RN - “Day of Infamy - 7 Dec 1941"
Dr. Khalid Sheikh - “The Epidemic of Heart Disease in the 21st Century"

During the talk by Commander Tall about what was happening at the beginning of World War II, the captain came on to announce that a US aircraft carrier was sailing on our port side going about 25 knots in the opposite direction. The Galaxy Lounge emptied as people went to the Promenade Deck to view the carrier.  Bob figured out that it was the USS Abraham Lincoln, a Nimitz class carrier that was moving its home base to San Diego and thus was sailing home. Interesting its length is 1,092 ft while the Symphony that we are sailing in is 781 ft, while the beam (width) of the carrier is 134 ft and our ship is 99 ft.

The shot is into the sun, so the image is a bit washed out.
After the carrier sailed by, we all went back to the Galaxy Lounge and watched the end of the talk.

We then had lunch in the Waterside dining room (Julie had Fish and Chips and Bob had a Rueben). BTW - Julie had the Mud Slide dessert which was mud slide cake, mint ice cream, and mint sauce. It was pretty amazing and looked beautiful, but did not make Julie's list of must have deserts.

We couldn't make the afternoon talk because we had reservations for the close up magic show at 2pm by magician Steve Spill. We watched it later on TV.

Steve Spill did about 4 tricks during his 20 minutes. We thought that his skills and tricks were good, but his patter kind of meh. After that we decided to go to the Hollywood theater and watch the movie "Rocketman." We had seen it before and thought that it was ok, but not great (we saw it soon after seeing Bohemian Rhapsody that we though was amazing). Watching Rocketman a second time, we decided that it was better than we remembered, probably because the memory of Bohemian Rhapsody had faded.

Before dinner, we went to the Palm Court for cocktails. Julie decided to go for the Drink of the Day, a Sea Garden - Italicus Rosolio, Botanist Gin, and Soda Water. In the beginning she thought that it was too cucumbery (if that is a word), but as she worked at it felt that it was a great drink. Very good for summer time and something that goes down WAY too easily. While we were there, we talked with bar server Mikaela. She was one of the ones we really liked from 2 years ago when she was working with the missing Petar. Well, we asked her where he was and she said in the Cove. BUT - we found out that he has been promoted to assistant bar tender. That is why we hadn't found him, we were only looking at the bar servers!!!

Tonight we had reservations at Umi Uma again. We did two sushi rolls (Yellowtail Scallion and Shrimp Tempura) which we we didn't think that either was nearly as good as the sushi rolls that we had on Julie's birthday dinner. After that, we had appetizers including Lobster Tempura, Lobster Tacos, and Spicy Creamy King Crab. For entree, we both had the Wagyu Beef with the three amazing sauces (we still think that the Antichucho is the best for beef). All of it was amazing!

Bob looked pretty smashing tonight.

The evening show was Stride Pianist, Judy Carmichael. She sang and played the piano with the drummer and flutist from the Crystal Show Band. They did Jazz, which is not our favorite. But we loved her engaging talk and the improv that the three of them performed together was amazing. BTW a stride pianist means that she was moving your left hand from the normal position to the left a lot. Basically she was playing the BASS notes and the regular left hand notes.

Afterward we attended another show by the comedian John Joseph in the Starlight Lounge and then went to the Avenue Saloon for the evening set by pianist/entertainer Mark Farris. John Joseph was great again, and Mark was entertaining.

Today we walked 15,778 steps and 7.0 miles.

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