Saturday, February 1, 2020

Day 20 (Jan 31, 2020) – Crystal Symphony – San Diego to Guam – Twelfth and Final Day at Sea

Today was a fairly normal day, although we changed things up a bit. First we did manage to walk over 5 miles in the morning.

We had gained an hour, so also decided to go up to the swimming pool and spend about 30 minutes in the pool just enjoying the beautiful morning. We then went straight to breakfast in the Marketplace. After that, we got ready for the day and watched Dr. Freedman's lecture live on our in room TV. We then headed to the Galaxy for the 11:00am Q/A with the executive team. That was pretty fascinating.

I asked a question about what was planned for the April Dry Dock. The vice captain said that it was a technical dry dock (after the huge one a couple of years ago). He said that they would do a lot of behind the scenes stuff such as replacing a bunch of galvanized pipe in the innards of the ship. He said that the things that we would see was a complete gut and redo of the Casino and the Computer rooms. The carpet on deck 6 would be replaced and the wood floor in the Bistro and Galaxy stage would be replaced. He said that the other big update was to change out the soft goods in Deck 10 and the rooms on Dec 8 and 9 that were not touched by the previous Dry Dock. Later on in a question about the lack of electrical outlets, the Chief Engineer said that adding outlets to all of the rooms was planned for this Dry Dock. It was kind of off the cuff, so I think that we need to see if it really happens.

Another interesting element was shared by the Captain. Someone asked about new Ocean builds and he said that Genting (which now owns Crystal) bought three ship building yards had designed a "common platform" for 6 new ships. 2 for Star Cruises, 2 for Dream Cruises, and 2 for Crystal. They will all be the same basic ship, but outfitted very differently - the Crystal being the luxury cabins and facilities. Side Note - we were watching the previews for a movie and they showed a PR piece on Genting. They are from Malaysia and are an amazingly diverse company, from hotels and casinos to cruise lines to palm oil plantations to genetics. They seemed massive and diverse.

After the wonderful Q/A, we ended up skipping trivia and lunch and went to our room to work on packing before the 2:30pm documentary on Maiden (which, BTW, was terrific and inspiring).

After that a bit more packing and then had drinks in the Avenue Saloon before dinner in Prego. We ended up having the exact same thing: Caesar Salad (Romaine Lettuce Tossed with Traditional Caesar Dressing (on the side), Topped with Parmesan Shavings & Sourdough Croutons), Prego’s Signature Cream Soup of Selected Italian Mushrooms Served in an Oregano Bread Cup and the Signature Lasagna alla Casalinga - Layers of Fresh Pasta with Ground Meat, Porcini Mushrooms, Tomato, Béchamel & Mozzarella Cheese. So, very very yummy, although we decided that the regular portion of the Lasagna is just too rich and we should order the appetizer size even if we are getting it for the entree. For dessert we shared a Pomegranate Semifreddo which is a Pomegranate Parfait with Berry Stew & Lime Foam. Yummy!!

The show was comedic musician Bayne Bacon. He was a good old boy from Texas who told very dry jokes and played the piano and guitar (not at the same time). He was very entertaining.

Morning Exercise: 5.1 mi on the Promenade Deck
Weather: 75
Seas:  About the same as yesterday, 6 foot waves, very nice.
Breakfast: You know, the usual in the Marketplace
  • Dr. Robert O. Freedman-“Sino-Russian Relations: from Alliance to Confrontation to Alignment.”
  • Q&A with the Captain, Vice Captain, Hotel Director, Chief Engineer, F&B Manager. Hosted by Cruise Director Russ Thomas Grieve
  • Dr. Richard Turnbull - “Guam: One Island, Two Cultures."
Trivia: We skipped it this last day as we had to get started packing.
Fun Trivia Question: None
Lunch: We skipped lunch today as we ended up eating pretty late for breakfast and our dinner was going to be in Prego
Movie: The Documentary Maiden (2018) about the first all women yachting team to compete and sail in the around the world in the 1989–90 Whitbread Round the World Race.
Dinner: Prego
Trivia Answer: None
Daily steps: 20,663
Daily miles: 9.1

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